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Keywords: punch him in the dick
by: <lj user="grotesque_xxx"
Keywords: jensen ackles: happiness
by: assgrabber5
Keywords: supernatural: not alone
by: neversince
Keywords: supernatural: humming metallica
by: _rejectreality_
Keywords: supernatural: quirky dean
by: assgrabber5
Keywords: supernatural: take it off bitch
by: supermanaction
Keywords: dark angel: beer!
by: theaeblackthorn
Keywords: dark angel: bugger
by: theaeblackthorn
Keywords: dark angel: wasted gov money
by: theaeblackthorn
Keywords: dark angel: strippers
by: theaeblackthorn
Keywords: dark angel: boys are back, rl: friends
by: spiffy_themes
Keywords: misc: nadiafox
Keywords: supernatural: i'm 12
by: gigglingkat
Keywords: supernatural: reading is sexy
by: neversince
Keywords: jensen ackles: scruffy
by: emesque
Keywords: supernatural: dude?
by: assgrabber5
Keywords: supernatural: dude!
icon by: gigglingkat art by: urdsama
Keywords: supernatural: bring on the booze
by: lostmemento
Keywords: supernatural: time alone for porn
by: lostmemento
Keywords: rl: crafting, supernatural: barbies
by: lostmemento
Keywords: supernatural: picking up chicks
by: eight_pm
Keywords: closer: just being polite
by: jackimrlyflawed
Keywords: closer: blowers daughter
by: lipstick_peril
Keywords: misc: hound dog
by: bambbles
Keywords: rl: dogs
by: nadiafox
Keywords: supernatural: no nonsense
Keywords: misc: dan brown
Keywords: misc: wings
by: iconzicons
Keywords: joanna krupa: gq
Keywords: joanna krupa: hearts
Keywords: rl: loser ex
Keywords: supernatural: sweet lord of the rings
Keywords: justin timberlake: sexy back
Keywords: rl: hug, smallville: jason teague
Keywords: supernatural: warrior dean
Keywords: rl: texas
Keywords: supernatural: metallicar
by: queenpersina
Keywords: supernatural: sam & dean fields
by: queenpersina
Keywords: jensen ackles: punk
Keywords: lj: home of the new martyr
Keywords: supernatural: dean's bicep
Keywords: misc: i'd hit that
by: nadiafox
Keywords: misc: dna
Keywords: 300: spartan dean, supernatural: spartan dean
by: lostmemento
Keywords: 300: rain
by: for_thelily
Keywords: supernatural: strippers
by: bandito_icons
Keywords: misc: rainbow brite stripper
by: punkybritesan
Keywords: qaf: sunshine
Keywords: misc: sunbathing
by: missblackrebel
Keywords: misc: books
by: missblackrebel
Keywords: supernatural: dean angst
by: well_played
Keywords: lj: strikethrough
by: fuckyeah
Keywords: jsquared: dorks
by: jeweleglantine
Keywords: misc: anger, rl: ramses mad
Keywords: rl: denise, supernatural: lotion in the basket
by: sinister_morgue
Keywords: jsquared: au
by: jeyhawk
Keywords: supernatural: wincest
by: morgaine22
Keywords: jensen ackles: happiness asylum
by: nyaubaby
Keywords: supernatural: sammy happy
by: applepie_icons
Keywords: supernatural: dean is unimpressed
by: applepie_icons
Keywords: supernatural: andy and his gay pornz
by: epicblueblanket
Keywords: asian horror: a tale of two sisters
by: shuraba_icons
Keywords: jensen ackles: pimp master j
by: faded_icons
Keywords: supernatural: sneaky sammy
by: faded_icons
Keywords: jsquared: reel_spn
Keywords: misc: writing
by: mia_eileen
Keywords: jsquared: jared has a jensen
by: affectingly
Keywords: jared padalecki: sexass couch
by: lostmemento
Keywords: emperor's new groove: kronk facepalm
by: peaces_icons
Keywords: emperor's new groove: kuzco stamp of app
by: peaces_icons
Keywords: emperor's new groove: yzma's revenge
by: peaces_icons
Keywords: supernatural: epic love
by: waterofthemoon
Keywords: joanna krupa: playboy release
by: misty_creates
Keywords: jsquared: loverboys
by: misty_creates
Keywords: supernatural: jo harvelle
by: misty_creates
Keywords: joanna krupa: playboy release 2
by: misty_creates
Keywords: misc: haunted house
by: iconzicons
Keywords: breakfast at tiffany's: sleepy
by: iconzicons
Keywords: jaws: oh noes!
by: iconzicons
Keywords: jaws: HI!
by: iconzicons
Keywords: supernatural: BUBS
by: strangleheart
Keywords: supernatural: go away
by: strangleheart
Keywords: supernatural: the blonde
by: strangleheart
Keywords: supernatural: ruby ain't happy
by: xeverybody_else
Keywords: supernatural: pissing off little bro
by: applepie_icons
Keywords: supernatural: sammy's lost shoe
by: mia_eileen
Keywords: jensen ackles: black and white
by: dawnbreeze
Keywords: supernatural: bobby
by: jaimsie
Keywords: happy bunny: the real topic at hand
by: eyesthatslay
Keywords: supernatural: sammy the frog prince
by: aeroport_art
Keywords: supernatural: dean the frog prince
by: aeroport_art
Keywords: jared padalecki: chad who?
by: misty_creates
Keywords: supernatural: elf dean
by: lostt1
Keywords: misc: christmas
Keywords: misc: happy new year
Keywords: misc: christmas tree
by: jaimsie
Keywords: misc: gingerbread man
by: jaimsie
Keywords: supernatural: no more pictures
by: applepie_icons
Keywords: dita von teese: black and white
by: thelovecatsx
Keywords: dita von teese: pink top hat
by: thelovecatsx
Keywords: dita von teese: red nipple pasties
by: thelovecatsx
Keywords: dita von teese: relaxed
by: thelovecatsx
Keywords: scooby doo: shadows
Keywords: scooby doo: ruh roh!
Keywords: calvin and hobbs: hug
by: blimey_icons
Keywords: calvin and hobbs: pissed off
by: blimey_icons
Keywords: jsquared: swirly happy boys
by: splashpink
Keywords: jsquared: jarebear loves his jensen
by: splashpink
Keywords: misc: valentine's day
by: onebellavita
Keywords: lil edie: the best costume for the day
Keywords: supernatural: do your fucking job
by: levitia
Keywords: supernatural: middle finger
by: levitia
Keywords: rdj: tony stark
by: circa77
Keywords: katie cassidy: watching jsquared
by: misty_creates
Keywords: supernatural: bobby's no prom date
by: misty_creates
Keywords: rocky
by: poisonoak_icons
Keywords: jensen ackles: black and white promo
by: misty_creates
Keywords: qaf: brian and justin
by: misty_creates
Keywords: dan brown: who do you think you are?
Keywords: rl: dubious
Keywords: dubiously: adverbly
by: jeyhawk
Keywords: dubiously: again and again
by: jeyhawk
Keywords: dubiously: sparkly
by: jeyhawk
Keywords: eun-hye: bright eyed
by: yled
Keywords: eun-hye: happy
by: ourlastfarewell
Keywords: jensen ackles: soapbox
by: smeared_kohl
Keywords: jensen ackles: perving
by: beyourself_at
Keywords: 90210: dixon
by: icon_portfolio
Keywords: 90210: naomi
by: stolenlights
Keywords: 90210: ty
by: heygingersnap
Keywords: 90210: ethan
by: heygingersnap
Keywords: secret diary of a call girl: glass
by: thatsjustace
Keywords: misc: fall
by: icons_inabottle
Keywords: merlin: arthur & merlin
by: duskwillow
Keywords: jsquared: chibi kiss
by: nerrianah
Keywords: supernatural: sam and dean metamorphosis
by: misty_creates
Keywords: misc: nano 08
by: michaela0823
Keywords: merlin: merlin
by: snowlullaby
Keywords: merlin: arthur
by: snowlullaby
Keywords: merlin: love quad
by: letsey_x
Keywords: merlin: arthur and lancelot
by: snowlullaby
Keywords: merlin: quote deception lark
by: ikameshii
Keywords: merlin: quote brain don't work good
by: ikameshii
Keywords: merlin: quote all my fault
by: ikameshii
Keywords: merlin: quote mental affliction
by: ikameshii
Keywords: misc: nano 08 winner
by: nanowrimo
Keywords: merlin: pendragon crest
by: ravenclawwit
Keywords: merlin: arthur is sexy
by: ravenclawwit
Keywords: misc: christmas greed
by: iconseeyou
Keywords: jared padalecki: friday the 13th
by: misty_creates
Keywords: poirot
by: lidi
Keywords: eun-hye: black and white
by: yled
Keywords: 90210: tabitha
by: fisheye
Keywords: harper's island: trish
by: misty_creates
Keywords: harper's island: chloe
by: wildalyss
Keywords: antm: allison bathroom
by: solemnly_icons
Keywords: antm: allison floor
by: solemnly_icons
Keywords: jessica lowndes
by: detailsoflove
Keywords: 90210: bye ethan
by: mygreengarden
Keywords: antm: lauren brie
by: danceinastorm
Keywords: harper's island: the girls
by: designable
Keywords: harper's island: chloe and cal
by: gigglemonster
Keywords: harper's island: chloe and cal smile
by: gigglemonster
Keywords: eun-hye: bangs
by: trickoftheheart
Keywords: jsquared: kiss
by: nyaubaby
Keywords: vampire diaries: damon is hot
by: melody_icons
Keywords: vampire diaries: damon > stephan
by: meoldy_icons
Keywords: vampire diaries: better than your vampir
by: scanky_chops
Keywords: jessica rabbit: hooters
by: iconzicons
Keywords: scream: your boyfriend's crazy
by: iconsiconz
Keywords: yaoi: sensitive pornograph
by: iconzicons
Keywords: misc: pink dresser
by: iconzicons
Keywords: jessica rabbit: i'm not bad
by: iconzicons
Keywords: asian horror: battle royale
by: iconzicons
Keywords: rocky: original otp
by: iconzicons
Keywords: aishwarya rai
by: iconzicons
Keywords: misc: nano 09
Keywords: eun-hye: cutie
by: deviant_delight
Keywords: flowers: vase
by: deviant_delight
Keywords: flowers: daisies
by: deviant_delight
Keywords: flowers: blossom
by: deviant_delight