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Keywords: diner friends
Keywords: fuck you
Keywords: love
Keywords: grr
Keywords: sigh
Keywords: benevolence
Keywords: vash
Keywords: exasperated
Keywords: incest
Keywords: whatevah
Keywords: chaos
Keywords: the truth
Keywords: uhoh
Keywords: precious
Keywords: savage
Keywords: just like me
Keywords: unreasonable
Keywords: pretty girls
Keywords: elvish
Keywords: bitch please
Keywords: what I think of you
Keywords: two daddies
Keywords: hey fuck you
Lore Brand Comics
Keywords: uranus
Keywords: geeks we be
Keywords: saturn
Keywords: i can
Keywords: starved
Keywords: democrats suck
Keywords: sally
Keywords: drworm
i did not make this :(
Keywords: i know all
Keywords: balanced
Keywords: bright
Keywords: cold hearted snake
Keywords: move
The secret will keep you alive.
Keywords: superfreakylove
Keywords: memory
Keywords: squallxlaguna
Keywords: homowhatever
Avenue Q
Keywords: high-strung
Keywords: jarring
Keywords: scared
Keywords: punk
The Aye-Aye is the greatest animal on the planet.
Keywords: zoot
Keywords: invisible me
Keywords: weird
Keywords: two weevils
Keywords: informative
Keywords: chained to an albino
You know that YOU want to be chained to an albino...
Keywords: incitatus
Keywords: trust me
By ghostgecko
Keywords: sins
Also by ghostgecko
Keywords: head explode
From the movie "Scanners"
Keywords: an honest man
Diogenes Pendergast
Keywords: o rly?
Uncle A. does not believe you.
Keywords: territorial bubble
Art and icon by ghostgecko
Keywords: cunt pills
Toddiogenes courtesy of Kleenexwoman
Keywords: lemur fuck
By ghostgecko
Keywords: big head
Keywords: i'm a doctor
Keywords: violent love
Keywords: here comes a special boy
Keywords: rope
Keywords: protect
Keywords: fuck me up!
Keywords: dude
Keywords: this is ur brain
from Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles
Keywords: melancholy
thx kleenexwoman
Keywords: yawn
Keywords: y u no luv me?
Keywords: gonna getcha
Keywords: busy
Keywords: ginsberg lol
Keywords: goooooood tiiiits
Achewood, resized by sheep on JF because I'm a wanky fucker
Keywords: butch up
Awesome line from Die Hard: With a Vengeance, lol.
Keywords: russia's greatest love machine
Rah rah Rasputin.
Keywords: awesome
or a fucking faggot
Keywords: dicks
Keywords: don't ask don't tell
James Dean did so admire Montgomery Clift
Keywords: bananaphone
Keywords: fraidycat
Keywords: why?
Keywords: begone!
Keywords: i has a puppy!
Keywords: zark!
Keywords: cheer up charlie brown
Keywords: change bitches!
Keywords: repo
Keywords: spockin it up
Keywords: don't forget
Keywords: augh!
Keywords: hiyah!
Keywords: paranoid android
Keywords: got dick
i don't know, can you?
Keywords: caught
Keywords: nice hat
Keywords: that's messed up bro

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