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Keywords: Magneto puppet
Avatar by electrobertjones.com
Keywords: Kurt and Sue
Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch, from "Glee."
Keywords: Dren
Delphine Chanéac as Dren, from the movie "Splice"
Keywords: Demona
Icon by drbat
Keywords: Griffith & Guts
Icon from dragonicons
Keywords: Johan
Icon by boudica
Keywords: Eva
Icon by boudica
Keywords: American Dad!
Keywords: Stan and Roger
Icon by drbat
Keywords: HBIC Marnie
Icon by drbat
Keywords: Basic bitch/Fierce bitch
Icon by drbat
Keywords: Agron & Nasir
Keywords: Lucretia
Keywords: Magneto
Keywords: Demona & Magneto
Illustration by Lord-Of-The-Guns. Coloring by Genosaurer.