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Keywords: in terrible taste
Keywords: H/R 4ever (minttea)
Keywords: Werner/"John"
Keywords: France sucks!
Keywords: what the church does best
Keywords: we don't need no stinkin' Hermione (pott
Keywords: more west side than hufflepuff
Keywords: oh no you di'nt
Keywords: iHe-man
Keywords: i'm a wishing troll!
Keywords: iShazam!
Keywords: best mom ever
Keywords: bare ass Robin by Mark Chamberlain
Keywords: put your heart into it
Keywords: so pretty and witty
Keywords: Flying Spaghetti Monster
Keywords: Satan was a what?
Keywords: skinny dipping Sam
Keywords: blue balls
Keywords: Riley tells us about Santa (ktempest)
Keywords: how revolting
Keywords: totally non-canon OTP
Keywords: fudge packing
Keywords: this scene always makes me cry
Keywords: he's such a hick
Keywords: young (Avenger) love
Keywords: santa's little helpers
Keywords: aakksg (by ???)
Keywords: three?
Keywords: ay mamacita!
Keywords: ihop gangbang (kawaiinot)
Keywords: Benji ftw!
Keywords: whatthefuck
Keywords: sex ed Family Guy style
Keywords: omniloathe
Keywords: /cheer
Keywords: anything but that! (VG Cats)
Keywords: objects in the rearview mirror are close
Keywords: for great justice
Keywords: oops i know what a girl wants
Keywords: Cloak & Dagger
Keywords: you're freaking dumb
Keywords: the top 4 are so generous
Keywords: guuuuuuuuurl (t0ra_chan)
Keywords: Obama's 11
Keywords: zombie jesus (explosm.net)
Keywords: I'm in love with Norway
Keywords: whateva
Keywords: knives chau
Keywords: I really do like them
Keywords: it was Wiccan (oceansex)
Keywords: monocle smile (nymosy)
Keywords: rainbow moon (windhimme)
Keywords: world shaking (windhimme)
Keywords: selfsoulfriend designation
Keywords: how does this all work?
Keywords: yay team!
Keywords: anime!Jean
Keywords: all aboard the rape van (ayoungmaidswits
Keywords: save me some (lady-rinehart)
Keywords: unfff!!
Keywords: I have no idea what I'm saying
Keywords: really tho gtfo
Keywords: omg jake
Keywords: meelo! (sinistres)
Keywords: Aqualad
Keywords: Korra