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Keywords: Vampire Diaries | Eventually
by noisette
Keywords: Doctor Who | Serenity
by likestarlight
Keywords: Firefly | The Man They Call Jayne
by neversince
Keywords: LOTS | The Seeker
by icon_reich
Keywords: Doctor Who | The Queen of Red
by iSapiens
Keywords: Vampire Diaries | Sweet Caroline
by OhBambi
Keywords: Batman | Keep Calm
by colormeter
Keywords: Leverage | Lady of the Night
by lemonpunch
Keywords: Leverage | Hardcover
by lemonpunch
Keywords: Leverage | Alias
by elena_hepburn
Keywords: LOTS |Mord Sith
by elena_hepburn
Keywords: Alias | Blonde Ambition
by drankmywar
Keywords: Vampire Diaries | Spent
by tripcloser
Keywords: White Collar | Con Man
by gallicka
Keywords: Vampire Diaries | Little Miss Blue
by simply_aly