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Keywords: daenerys。love turns to dust
〖ashes to ashes〗
Keywords: effy。when she's pressed she will undress
〖and then she's boxing clever〗fishstickss
Keywords: bowie。it's not your brain it's just the
〖flame that burns your change to keep you insane〗
Keywords: cassie。you won't be laughing
〖when your front lawn's spangled with epitaphs you won't be laughing〗colorknot
Keywords: gaga。guuurrrrrrrrrrrl
〖cuz this is a disastuh〗
Keywords: maya。you wanna boy you old you go
〖you wanna fight you suck you blow〗iconzicons
Keywords: eleven。l'homme qui voyagea suel
〖there's smoke in my iris, but i painted a sunny day on the insides of my eyelids〗
Keywords: anushka。put soap in my eye
〖make it red so i look raa ra ra〗digitalanathema
Keywords: lucas。johnson is a cunt
〖this icon is just funny idgi〗saladtoss
Keywords: tamwar。we got 'em hot in dis bitch
〖so throw tha water on 'em〗
Keywords: maya。speakers up throwin fire like a mob
〖sound of a bomb blast throw it in tha bag 〗saladtoss
Keywords: björk。swirling black lilies totally ripe
〖and he makes me want to hurt myself again〗saladtoss
Keywords: björk。with a flag and a trumpet
〖raise your flag, higher, higher〗saladtoss
Keywords: maya。you big dummy
〖i can b da actress u b tarantino〗saladtoss
Keywords: misc。luxury banana!
Keywords: maya。fuck gold she was a platinum digger
〖shakin-ass making moves on a mover〗
Keywords: jeremy。hello JEFF
〖oh my gooooooowwwwd〗
Keywords: maya。strike match light fire
〖now I'm sittin' down chilling on some gun powder〗
Keywords: daisy。huge fat chickens
〖...what else can i say seriously〗ohwowlovely
Keywords: misc。ohorhorhorhorhor
Keywords: misc。new watson loves jam
〖we're very happy〗beatonna
Keywords: misc。u no u want dis bad
〖centrefold in daisy's magazine yes〗beatonna
Keywords: kat。TEAM STACEY
〖queen kat the fierce is pleased〗
Keywords: JFK。commie? no
〖wore suits... sometimes〗whoseicons
Keywords: lot。the de-sexing stick
〖and waved it around most unsexily〗
Keywords: lot。feed them kocher treats
〖footbaths! yes!〗
Keywords: misc。a couple of angels as sexy dudes
〖i don't know if you guys have ever seen an undisguised angel but trust me. they're horrifying〗
Keywords: effy。the distant and mechanized glow
〖of eastern european dance parties〗fishstickss
Keywords: effy。i want to thank you for nothing
〖oh how the dogs stack up〗fishstickss
Keywords: misc。oooh gurl you di-n't
〖go get it mercedes〗
Keywords: uncle sam。camden's an islamic state
Keywords: uncle sam。apple juice watermelon juice
〖the red bull, the w, the v, the r, the t, the s, the u, the v, the w, the x, y, z〗
Keywords: rihanna。she's a dina crazy dita
〖disco diva and you wonder〗saladtoss
Keywords: rihanna。i don't really care
〖too cold for you to keep her, too hot for you to leave her〗saladtoss
Keywords: cook。diamond on a landmine
〖waiting to explode〗j_in_the_gifs
Keywords: chris。that's enough fuck it
〖pills and ghosts〗j_in_the_gifs
Keywords: gloria。wings on ur eyes
Keywords: gloria。aii ju lieeeek?
〖then i teke my ip3 player〗
Keywords: sooyoung。neoneun shoot! shoot! shoot!
〖naneun hoot! hoot! hoot!〗
Keywords: sooyoung。you better run run run run run
〖neol saranghae jul ddae jal haretji〗
Keywords: misc。i'm the coolest guy you'll ever kno
Keywords: blaine。in mah skin taaight jeanz
Keywords: blaine。HAY SOUL SISTAHH
〖and he's deaaaaaaaaaaaaad!〗
Keywords: yuliya。she is the colour of lions
〖stalingrad messengrab〗
Keywords: ennis。your bahbul oh mah gawd
Keywords: top。bubble bubble bubble bubble gum
〖urigayo? neon ppeogigayo〗
Keywords: colin。i can hear you louder than ever
Keywords: sooyoung。i'll get revenge don't forget
〖run devil devil run run〗genieforyou
Keywords: cesare。robber to the right of christ
〖cut in half, infanticide〗shinyboxes
Keywords: jon。another instrument to crush you
〖storm my winter palace, but they couldn't take it〗
Keywords: arya。love will be amazing
〖i'm arya fucking stark who the fuck are you〗
Keywords: loras。i do not think we're invincible
〖 and i know that we've still got time〗ayyur
Keywords: kanye。sounds so soulful
〖pray that all of their pain be champagne〗j_in_the_gifs
Keywords: top。high high
〖i really don't know what to say〗earsandteeth
Keywords: marina。baby i'm gonna leave you drowning
〖until you reach for my hand〗j_in_the_gifs
Keywords: bin laden。a jihad on baz luhrmann!!
〖i'm fairly bored, so i thought i'd make another video〗
Keywords: nikolaj。found bravery in my bravado
〖sorry for the night demons that still visit me〗r_hllor
Keywords: quinn。i was a dancer all along
〖dance dance dance〗segdwicked
Keywords: tiffany。i wanna dance right now
〖we can show em how the girls get down〗genieforyou
Keywords: seohyun。my heart
〖bring the boys out〗genieforyou
Keywords: vriska。i'm not ashamed of winning
〖it was kiss me come kick me and diss me 〗cheeeesu
Keywords: maya。supersonic bionic uranium dicks
Keywords: maya。swaggin goin swell
〖my chain hits my chest when i'm bangin〗dammayanti
Keywords: jia。i love the way you put your lips on
〖i love you really〗genieforyou
Keywords: marina。primadonna life the rise and fall
〖you can count on me to misbehave〗j_in_the_gifs
Keywords: asha。you love white veins
〖the heaviest weight, the clumsiest shape〗deportivo
Keywords: aradia。necro fantasy
〖let the suicide doors up〗
Keywords: jia。this is for all the independent ladi
Keywords: manila。i'm killin killin
〖servin hot coutu-u-ure〗
Keywords: haytham。i've come to burn your kingdom
〖a thousand armies couldn't tear me〗
Keywords: connor。these are battle songs that lift
〖crisis makes fighters of the pawns〗
Keywords: ziio。eyes like ice don't move
〖your name like ice into my heart〗
Keywords: connor。colours that flicker in water
〖an echo and a stranger's hand〗
Keywords: connor。overnight turned on grey
〖i went away alone with nothing left but faith 〗
Keywords: bowie。glam castle
〖glam judging〗
Keywords: jessica wild。another fried hot meal
〖i laahhhhve this drink〗
Keywords: manila。ew gurl
〖spiritual replacement of my karen icon〗
Keywords: lucrezia。when i got nothing but my achin
〖will you still love me〗
Keywords: daenerys。i didn't run
〖come and pin my purple heart〗
Keywords: maya。goddess of word bitches
〖m.i.a. worship blog 2010-2013〗
Keywords: miko。why can not answer
〖prince umayado〗
Keywords: margaery。love so deep and tender
〖you love 'em 'til they can't recall who they are again〗
Keywords: sansa。how sorrowful i am
〖in the early morning〗
Keywords: sansa。even when i set myself on fire
〖why do i always feel invisible〗
Keywords: marie。petite roses bend
〖pink and red roses lining the path〗
Keywords: margaery。tomorrow will be special
〖yesterday was not〗
Keywords: lana。drinking cherry cola
〖sweet serial killer〗
Keywords: daenerys。heart was borne out of the fire
〖now i don't love like i used to〗
Keywords: lana。pabst blue ribbon on ice
〖drinkin' cherry schnapps in the velvet night〗
Keywords: gaga。when you touch me i die
〖just a little inside〗
Keywords: elizabeth。make a space for my body
〖this is what i'm controlling〗
Keywords: lana。they got their icons
〖their silver starlets, their queens of saigon〗
Keywords: rihanna。أيشي
〖يا تك تك〗
Keywords: rihanna。the sun and the are moon both hi
〖cash and kashmir gold and zaire〗
Keywords: lana。but you are invincible
〖'cause you live in shades of cool〗
Keywords: sarah。live fast die young
〖bad girls do it well〗
Keywords: daenerys。i'm faking glory
〖all my life i've been fighting a war〗
Keywords: margot。suddenly i'm overcome
〖dissolving like the setting sun〗ace_key
Keywords: will。sass
Keywords: marina。i don't wanna feel blue anymore

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