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Keywords: Laughing mango
It's like Braska's pineapple, except he's a mango. IT MAKES SENSE OK
Keywords: Atrus
*si scioglie in un budino di fangirl*
Keywords: Uru
Keywords: Esher sez
Keywords: Sirrus icon
I'm being so sincere right now
Keywords: Squeeeeeee!
...beh, è uno squee. (googlare myst exile squee, prego)
Keywords: cone and I
Keywords: LIVEagain
Base by Jamey on the Uru Live boards, used w/ permission
Keywords: Katran
Catherine for the ultimate win!
Keywords: Atrus Kenobi
From the Myst comic. Which is Bad, my friend. Very Bad.
Keywords: Atrus Reve
It totally did
Keywords: Watson distant worlds
O yeah.
Keywords: ABJ awesome
Keywords: GoMe
For Myst/Uru information posts only.
Keywords: white knight
per il COW-T2 e anche perché sostanzialmente sì.