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Keywords: random - "sorta" changes meanings
by franken_stein
Keywords: ad - dun fuck wit lucille - mine
lucille bluth is cracked_asphalt's hero
Keywords: bsg - baltar's peen will save us all
by prettybutt
Keywords: dex - le wink
by teh_indy
Keywords: sponge bob mascot of the stoners?
by iulieki @ piaresquare
Keywords: lost - i'm in love with desmond's mind
by prettybutt
Keywords: psych - oooooo
by teh_indy
Keywords: house - now that's prettiness
by elphabesbian
Keywords: ad - oh he's gonna be a virgin forever
by pessimistchick
Keywords: random - amputee hangman
by franken_stein
Keywords: house - follow the dancing pills
by ponyboy @ iconzicons
Keywords: the office - pam says oh noes
by laughtur
Keywords: the office - michael facepalm!
by laughtur
Keywords: clone high - swimming means sex
by grrliz @ grrliz_icons