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Keywords: Rawr Rob
(by federica74)
Keywords: Hand in hair Rupert
(by chrisgold)
Keywords: Em Rup Laugh
(by nella_malfoy)
Keywords: Lovely Rupert
(by buttahmellow)
Keywords: Beautiful Robert - Haunted Airman
(by onlysugarcoated)
Keywords: Sweet smile Rob
(by love_england)
Keywords: Bad Ass Cop RPattz
(by cptlbryant)
Keywords: Headphones hottie Rob
(by madcowre)
Keywords: Twilight Comic Con Rob
(by madcowre)
Keywords: Hot kiss Jacob/Marlena
(by limendacoconut)
Keywords: Elephant whisperer
(by spunkprincess)
Keywords: Hats and shades Rob
(by mesycullen)
Keywords: Baywatch Rob
I don't know who did this