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Keywords: forty-nine
please DO NOT take! / lostin_one_ring
Keywords: one
am i making something worthwhile out of this place? / gaffe
Keywords: three
no, my darling, i can't stand to sleep alone
Keywords: five
it's too late to change your mind. you let loss be your guide / bougeoir
Keywords: seven
two fists of solid rock with brains that could explain any feeling / littlecigars
Keywords: fourteen
i know places we can go, babe, where the highs won't bring you down / littlecigars
Keywords: eight
i couldn't ever love no one, or so i said / lemonpunch
Keywords: ten
i've been a fool, and i've been blind. i can never leave the past behind / littlecigars
Keywords: twenty
the river, it spoke to me. it told me i'm small, and i swallowed it down / welt_herrschaft
Keywords: sixteen
when you see me coming, take off your running shoes / aflush
Keywords: nine
it must be nice to finish / callarose
Keywords: two
to be made of glass / perlfarben
Keywords: six
a thousand miles and i'm getting there too soon. takes me there when i should be going home / palesouls
Keywords: twenty-three
they sang to me, "this is yours to wear. you're the chosen one, there's no turning back." / ivetica
Keywords: fifteen
i just missed your heart / aflush
Keywords: twenty-six
place your past into a book. burn the pages, let them cook / nightingails
Keywords: twenty-seven
courtesans are not like me, they don't take love very hard. their hearts are free / nightingails
Keywords: forty-four
exchanging the common heart for the salt in the sea / bin
Keywords: thirty-three
i've told whole lies with a half smile, held your bare bones with my clothes on / calikalie
Keywords: thirty-five
i feel my luck could change / ivetica
Keywords: thirty-nine
but oh, my hurt makes my lost heart confess: i love, and must; so farewell liberty / nightingails
Keywords: forty
to live life outside the world, to break the cross that bears her name / pinklabel
Keywords: forty-three
i've been too long a lonely man. yes, i've been too long a rolling stone / aflush
Keywords: thirty-six
oh, you wouldn't want an angel watching over. surprise, surprise, they wouldn't want to watch / brasaremean
Keywords: fifty-one
it's all being wiped away / nightcomes
Keywords: fifty-two
see, i was dead when i woke up this morning, and i'll be dead before the day is done / notfadedaway
Keywords: twenty-eight
put away your house of cards, and i'll do mine / boxed
Keywords: eighteen
i took the wind from the sea. i took the blood from an arrow. i took the wisdom of spring. / boxed
Keywords: thirty-two
one, two, three, four you're the one i adore. five, six, seven, eight don't run from me 'cause this is fate / _beananon
Keywords: forty-eight
little sister, let your sharp teeth show / nichecorner
Keywords: twenty-four
i cheated myself, like i knew i would. i told you i was trouble, you know i'm no good / nichecorner
Keywords: thirty-one
now all my rage been gone, i leave my rage to the sea and the sun / wickedgrdn
Keywords: forty-seven
when we were teenagers, we wanted to be the sky. now all we want is to try to stay out of hell / wickedgrdn
Keywords: forty-six
i was sleeping in the backseat when i got home. i was finally reminded, i lost you / nichecorner
Keywords: thirteen
that echo chorus lied to me with its "hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on" / distempera
Keywords: four
oh, i'm just like you, i never hear the bad news / calikalie
Keywords: forty-one
hard to be soft, tough to be tender / inawhirl_icons
Keywords: thirty-seven
but you wouldn’t be able to stop me if i feel like running away / iconpile
Keywords: thirty
you know with every cruel word that you utter, that you bury yourself even deeper every day / iconpile
Keywords: twenty-two
youth knows no pain / iconpile
Keywords: eleven
i couldn't sleep last night 'cause i tried to forget you / fizz_i_cons
Keywords: nineteen
i won't fear what tomorrow may take, stay blind to my future and fate / inawhirl_icons
Keywords: forty-two
smiling and whirling and kissing are all i know / iconpile
Keywords: fifty-three
it takes an ocean not to break / inawhirl_icons
Keywords: fifty-five
we don't mind democracy, we have our ways around it / nichecorner
Keywords: fifty-six
learning new ways to be right & how to cope with disloyalty / nichecorner
Keywords: fifty-seven
someone was building a house in my home / nichecorner
Keywords: fifty-four
hey moon, if i was to fall, i would fall so deep / zoicite
Keywords: thirty-eight
we're stronger together / inawhirl_icons
Keywords: twenty-one
let no foot mark your ground. let no hand hold you down / inawhirl_icons
Keywords: twelve
i am the tragedy and the heroine. i am lost and i am rescuing. the storm is come, and i am following / wickdshy
Keywords: twenty-nine
save the smallest splinter, locked up away forever, if that's the love you wish for / vanilles
Keywords: thirty-four
if i knew heartbreak was coming, i would've set out running / inawhirl_icons
Keywords: fifty-nine
all the sadness inside me melted away like i was free / inawhirl_icons
Keywords: twenty-five
from the day i saw my heart start breaking, no one saved me / inawhirl_icons
Keywords: sixty-one
my best behavior is really not that great
Keywords: fifty
you say you want someone to be wasting your time / iwillnotdance
Keywords: fifty-eight
this ship of fools i'm on will sink / iwillnotdance
Keywords: forty-five
the rib is the shell and the heart is the yolk, and i just made a meal for us both to choke on / waffless
Keywords: sixty-two
that which most my troubled sense doth move is to leave all, and take the thread of love / waffless
Keywords: seventeen
when she jumped, she probably thought she would fly / waffless
Keywords: sixty
again begged the thunder bolt to strike, to mark me or else i would die / mefan
Keywords: sixty-three
in the heart of a skeptic, there's a question that still hovers near / inawhirl_icons