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Keywords: 1d - so i can feel happier
Zayn Malik from One Direction icon by me, please credit if you take!
Keywords: hsm - pretty in pink
Ryan Evans from High School Musical. Please credit me if you take!
Keywords: h!p - fierce bitch
Miki Fujimoto (formerly) of Hello!Project. Image taken from mikifujimoto.com , icon by me. Please credit if you take!
Keywords: mets - here in my arms
David Wright/José Reyes of the New York Mets. Icon by me, credit if you take!
Keywords: fma - i run a secret propaganda
Ed from FMA. Icon by me, scan from notashrimp.com, drawing by rimu shina(?)
Keywords: eva - ♥
Shinji Ikari from Evangelion icon by tenken_designs
Keywords: miranda - what a little girl's made of
Miranda Lambert icon by me, image from her official site
Keywords: hikki - analog sound
Utada Hikaru, icon by me, image from UtadaNet.com, texture by cdg
Keywords: earthian - beautiful world
Earthian icon by me (Earthian is by Yun Kouga)
Keywords: kanye west - i'm amazing
Kanye West from "808s and Heartbreak" album. Made by me. Credit if you take please!
Keywords: marlins - good morning sunshine
José Reyes of the Marlins. The icon is mine- sadly, Jose is not :(
Keywords: big bang - this shit is bananas!
TOP from Big Bang. Icon by me, image taken from capslock_vip
Keywords: fma - darling darling amuse!
FMA Lucky Star parody icon by satyriism, FMA by Hiromu Arakawa
Keywords: h!p - i'm not that innocent
Koharu Kusumi of Morning Musume. Icon by baka_tenshi, please credit her if you take!
Keywords: giants - smile like a child
Timmy Lincecum of the San Fransisco Giants. Icon by me, credit if you take please :)
Keywords: drake bell - hohshit
Drake Bell. Icon by me, credit if you take please :)