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Keywords: {show} daredevil » good catholic boy
© siniferno
Keywords: {show} the hour » to hell with the rest
© daynawashere
Keywords: {show} dw » defender of the earth
© calikalie
Keywords: {show} tw » i want to feel powerful
© calikalie
Keywords: {film} capt america » kid from brooklyn
© calikalie
Keywords: {show} misfits » ya dick
© hauntes
Keywords: {show} twd » no more bullshit
© imaginary_lives
Keywords: {film} winter soldier » he's a ghost
© bucklybarnes @ tumblr
Keywords: {show} pushing daisies » to start living
© calikalie
Keywords: {film} capt america » i can do more
© calikalie
Keywords: {film} breaking bad » i'm the bad guy
© partitioning
Keywords: {comic} dc » ivy
© wadewicons @ tumblr
Keywords: {show} constantine » nasty piece of work
© wandererjulia
Keywords: {film} star wars » wonderful girl
© jamesherondale
Keywords: {film} suicide squad » vroom vroom
© 2thousand3