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Keywords: basic
Keywords: bleh
Keywords: rage
Keywords: inspired
Keywords: run away
Keywords: comic
Keywords: zaphod
Keywords: memory issues
Keywords: isaac
Keywords: idiot
Mimi's Last Coffee by Scott McCloud
Keywords: in a row?
Everyone Else by TISM
Keywords: piemonade
source: Homestar Runner
Keywords: WTF
Keywords: sensitivity
Keywords: think
Keywords: fauxnews
quote by eviloverqueen
Keywords: wistful
Keywords: muse
Keywords: bush photo op
Keywords: failure option
Bob the Angry Flower
Keywords: waaambulance
Keywords: flexible
Keywords: duh
do not eat
Keywords: Frobozz
Frobozzco HQ from Zork
Keywords: pitch Belize
It's a spoonerism
Keywords: owl
from bluerain's I Drew This. rly.
Keywords: snakes
Keywords: sex
From Time Piece by Jim Henson
Keywords: umlaut
Keywords: a-ha
Take On Me
Keywords: ook
Keywords: pizza
It's true.
Keywords: senseless violins
Keywords: wiki
But we'll have to edit it down a bit as there's a limited amount of space in the book.
Keywords: rtfm
check earth book. book book book.
Keywords: lol kadaisy
from Lackadaisy, http://www.lackadaisycats.com
Keywords: being blue
Keywords: SARK
Tron is succulent
Keywords: lyman
Keywords: Have a nice day
Buy t-shirts at http://cerulean.spreadshirt.com/
Keywords: do not want
from Digger by Ursula Vernon
Keywords: business
Keywords: spit take
Keywords: executive dragon
Keywords: hedera
Type is sexy. Especially when things have neat names.
Keywords: information
Keywords: designy
Keywords: outcome 08
Keywords: cool
Keywords: say what now?
Keywords: all too real
Keywords: ambigram
Keywords: pp/m otp
Keywords: m(us)e
Keywords: Helica
Keywords: sleep
Keywords: yay happy pony
Keywords: i little pony
Keywords: facepalm
Keywords: askew
I'm not even supposed to be here today