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Keywords: [gabesanchez]; merlin ot4
Keywords: [jlk_lumberjack]; wilson; what has been
scarred for life.
Keywords: [meg_tdj]; castiel; surrounded by idiots
cas wants to smite the fuck out of you.
Keywords: [;hallonpaj]; ron fuckin' swanson
Keywords: [;likefluffy]; x-men first class
charles and erik
Keywords: [zauberkuenstler]; merlin; workin' hard
my life; let me show you it.
Keywords: [albion1919]; merlin (bbc) - gwen
umm are you for real right now
Keywords: [by llorona_llorona]; merlin hugs
hunith and merlin <3
Keywords: [luisadeza]; parked; cathal; rushittinme
Keywords: [??]; leslie knope
If you made this or know who did, please tell me!
Keywords: [luisadeza]; colin morgan; my lady ps; l
Keywords: [;;me]; merlin and arthur
Keywords: [cb_eaglemaniac]; merlin; 5.10 the kindn
Keywords: [cb_eaglemaniac]; best drama performance
Keywords: [cb_eaglemaniac]; colin morgan; quirke;