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Keywords: people; colbert & dinello & sedaris
dragonflyyyyyyy → nextjuly
Keywords: tv; arrested development | tobias funke
FIRE sale → _creations_
Keywords: tv; doctor who | doctor | 10
but what does eternity indicate? → knightbusdriver
Keywords: tv; doctor who | companion | martha
the faith that never balks → _creations_
Keywords: tv; doctor who | companion | rose
the homeliest of them is beautiful to her → limbslikewire
Keywords: tv; dawson's creek | pacey & joey
you hope it don't get harmed, but even if it does you'll just do it all again → summer_kisses89
Keywords: tv; friends | joey & chandler
bracelet buddies → charmingdesigns
Keywords: ♬; neutral milk hotel
what a curious life → tommmo
Keywords: tv; psych | shawn & gus
i'm not inclined to resign to maturity → morbid_girls
Keywords: movie; the fall | the bandit
pick a rose just to hide my face → thevainparade
Keywords: tv; the west wing | leo
whole houses, clear off the ground → imotorized
Keywords: movie; anastasia
no one ever mentions fear → couldntfindname
Keywords: movie; star trek xi | spock | #
analysis & freaky sensitivity, we've gotta live on science alone → frictionally
Keywords: tv; arrested development | gob & michael
it's a tricky grey area → the_crapshack
Keywords: tv; star trek: tos | kirk & spock
go skyward young man! → rightonicons