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Keywords: joffrey "who cares"
thanks to grotesque_xxx
Keywords: Christian Siriano
Keywords: rufio gif
Keywords: ellen pipe
I stole this from mentalmishaps. She'll probably punch me the next time she sees me
Keywords: Talbot shrug
credit to pantspolice
Keywords: moriarty adorable
from miniquai
Keywords: theon crazy
Keywords: daenerys hilarious screaming face
thanks to grotesque_xxx
Keywords: motherfucking white walkers
thanks to grotesque_xxx
Keywords: joffrey clapping
thanks to crookedrhyme
Keywords: sassy!derek
credit to waffless
Keywords: stiles growling
credit to waffless
Keywords: derek judging
credit to waffless
Keywords: elk gross face
Keywords: will graham shushing the nurse
all credit goes to britt_m_89