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Keywords: John Varvatos glasses
Keywords: heavy metal
From Ceremony's Se7en Year Anniversary
Keywords: badtz by piro
Keywords: eyes
Keywords: economist
Reading The Economist for the first time while visiting d33ann in Seattle
Keywords: cowpoke
Keywords: Cat and Girl || cookies
Keywords: Cat and Girl || ideals
Keywords: Seal Clubbin
I Don't Like Clubbin'
Keywords: tilted
tilted / profile
Keywords: helmet head!
helmet head!
Keywords: DJ Badtz
DJ Badtz
Keywords: Zork
Zork (by gnatkip)
Keywords: Party for LiveJournal
Sober on New Year's Eve 2004
Keywords: kiss
Me kissing Jen (dorothymonkey)
Keywords: eyebrow
Keywords: Mystery Science LJ
Mystery Science LJ
Keywords: Video Games || Mass Effect || Shepherd
Mass Effect - Shepherd
Keywords: Video Games || BioShock || A Perfect Tea
by anomalous_matls, credit if used
Keywords: Video Games || Eternal Darkness || Alex
by anomalous_matls, credit if used
Keywords: Patches || Suspenders
Keywords: cats
Keywords: Video Games || Resident Evil || Leon
Keywords: Video Games || Mass Effect || asari
Keywords: glasses
Keywords: Arrested Development || Tobias Funke
Tobias Funke (Arrested Development)
Keywords: Video Games || No More Heroes || Travis
Keywords: Video Games || The World Ends With You |
Keywords: Video Games || Valkyrie Profile || Lenne
Keywords: shades and hat
from Jamaica 2010
Keywords: distance
from Jamaica 2010
Keywords: Doctor Who || Logo
Keywords: boring
Keywords: cards, karnival, magic
Karnival Dead Eyes deck
Keywords: True Blood || Bon Temps Football
Keywords: Arrested Development || GOB magic
credit: riddlemethis / filthyrotten
Keywords: Black and Yellow Charlie Brown
Keywords: beard