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Keywords: barometric waffle linguists (pic by me)
[Neutral icon and/or didn't bother logging in]
Keywords: antetarsal chiaroscuro (pic by waywind)
[Said in earnest]
Keywords: pronking sussuration (pic by waywind)
[Mild negativity -- either real, or feigned]
Keywords: lapidary predacity (pic by Elynne)
[Not to be taken seriously. Totally tongue in cheek]
Keywords: chibi zen blessings (pic by Ironychan)
[Enthusiasm, happiness]
Keywords: pacific torus vedic echoes
[Reflection, introspection, spirituality]
Keywords: elongate politburo messianic strife
[In My Not So Humble Opinion]
Keywords: classified outreach (pic by me)
[Empathy, spirituality, offering support]
Keywords: obscure mythologies (photograph)
[Cranky, dark, or for ominous effect]
Keywords: odd baud skins (pic by Waywind)
[Poking my head into other peoples' conversations]
Keywords: epithet abrogation agent (FF Tactics)
[Desire to mediate, seek common ground, or stick to the facts]
Keywords: irrational alchemical obfuscation
Keywords: distributed postmodern agitprop
[Discussing furry, technology, or transhumanism issues]
Keywords: This side up (by kevinpease)
[Generic icon; may indicate wordplay]
Keywords: Saint Nigel
Concept by me; icon by coworker James; cat a resident of local shelter.
Keywords: Burn baby burn (pic by Waywind)
Crop of commissioned art of TTU character Hessus.
Keywords: No spin here
The hidden secret of White House press briefings. Concept by me; icon by coworker James.
Keywords: NaNoWriMo 2005
Made by LJ siruskajirus; publically available, plz credit creator
Keywords: cyborg mass transit
Made by someone on the b3ta messageboards. Tiles!
Keywords: YESRLY
Concept by Apanthromorph; icon by Kinkyturtle
Keywords: behind the lid scintillating
Keywords: hiking - standing tall
Keywords: hiking - topo map
Keywords: hiking - that's a tall tree
Keywords: hiking - drink break
Keywords: hiking - fancy dinner
That would be Kadyg in the picture. With mac & cheese, beef stew, and wine.
Keywords: Redtail - learning to walk
Keywords: Redtail - bird face
Keywords: Redtail - in flight
Keywords: Bax as Aryan youth
This is actually more goofy than my driver's license photo.
Keywords: blister blister blister blister
Icon by aris_tgd based on a brain fart of mine.
Keywords: Redtail - Hiking gryphon
Picture by LJ Jrrhack
Keywords: hiking - Mr. Ice Beard
Taken in a snowstorm in the Great White North (read: Lake Tahoe area) in the dead of winter (read: April).
Keywords: little boxes little boxes
Icon by peaseblossom03 via http://community.livejournal.com/efw/4302.html .
Keywords: emcee in the catbird seat
Did you make this? 'Coz I wish I did. I didn't.
Keywords: f15h - loach3s/gupp1e/te1ra
I need an underwater camera :-p
Keywords: geekier than thou
An honest-to-goodness d16. Icon by me.
Keywords: tank warning label
We have this sign hanging over our f15h home. The cats ignore it.
Keywords: efw sockpuppet
Keywords: efw anti-zealot
Keywords: mutant enemy
Swiped from some LJ'er who swiped it from Joss Whedon's TV shows.
Keywords: stygian spiral shallot sigil
3-3-07, fire glyph. Yay ink!
Keywords: superego beats id (pic by raelala)
[Biting own tongue] http://onthefringe.org/icon/
Keywords: transcendental arguments (pic by mightyw
[Math geekery.] Swiped from webcomic: http://mightywombat.com/.
Keywords: startledcat is startled
cat via GIS; created with lj-lechatron's El Jay icon maker: http://co.ntagio.us/eljay/iconmaker/
Keywords: facepalm: it's what's for dinner
stolen from http://forums.fark.com/cgi/fark/comments.pl?IDLink=2816237
Keywords: in my what killin my who? (art by eclect
Over-the-shoulder mspaint glance. http://eclective.livejournal.com/389046.html?thread=4206774
Keywords: suffrage road allure (pic: kinkyturtle)
[FTL FTW.] From http://kinkyturtle.livejournal.com/487662.html
Keywords: the noses supposes (pic by kinkyturtle)
Keywords: his name is not orly
[Mildly cranky.] created with lechatron's El Jay icon maker: http://co.ntagio.us/eljay/iconmaker/
Keywords: punitive damages (pic by me)
You may steal with credit to baxil. Source: Real warning sign at http://www.kibo.com/photos/cones
Keywords: no ill no ill
Animation by me, Xmas Baxil sketch by lj-waywind.
Keywords: wild child smiled
[Gau from Final Fantasy VI. www.gsarchives.net]
Keywords: nwo jingoism
A sign I carried to anti-anti-anti-war protests in 2002.
Keywords: take the FE line
[Animation stolen from teh Internets; iconized by me. See www.zombiekitten.net/monorail-cat.]
Keywords: arrowed!
[Stolen from the Internets, because I am a DDR addict.]
Keywords: What's my line? (pic by Kinkyturtle)
[Silliness, socializing, or general positivity. Now cleaned of stray lines!]
Keywords: na na na na BATSPANK (icon: kevynjacobs)
[Art/words from Batman #1: see http://baxil.livejournal.com/204805.html.]
Keywords: hiking - king me
Animation by me, of me on a winter hike.
Keywords: :-(
Keywords: go cry emo lake
[For those rare moments of unsympathetic snark.] Terrain by Nature, icon by me.
Keywords: forbidden savannah love
Created by me w/ lechatron's El Jay icon maker: co.ntagio.us/eljay/iconmaker/. Pic from the Internets.
Keywords: generic lament
Keywords: here's a smiley there's a smiley
Llama! Picture from Internets, iconized by me.
Keywords: special disinterest politics
Source: LJ-tracerj, http://tracerj.livejournal.com/137686.html
Keywords: speechlesscat is speechless
Art by vgcats.com. Created with lechatron's El Jay Icon Maker
Keywords: fractal static prophet
Iconized from http://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/fractals/animated/PENDULUM.GIF
Keywords: head in hands
[Sculpture by me c.1997.]
Keywords: as above so below
[Animation stolen from teh Internets and iconized by me.]
Keywords: o winged discontent
Merchant of Venice, Act 1 Sc. 1. Created with lechatron's El Jay Icon Maker
Keywords: scaredcat is scared
Ganked from elsewhere on LJ. Original source: Cat Town
Keywords: you can has story
Source: Internet photo, ROFLbot, El Jay Icon Maker
Keywords: hooray user-generated content
Animated by me, mostly from Freefall #1752.
Keywords: fireborn eye
[From the front cover of the RPG.]
Keywords: gay for Garrus
[Mass Effect 2 game art, Iconized by me.]
Keywords: up up and away
[Stolen from the Internets. Discussing hitchhikers. Or approving of something.]
Keywords: epitomize ablutions (pic by bis)
[Contemplation; soul-baring.] Pic by Stalebiscuits.
Keywords: transcendent masculinity
(Icon swiped from lj comm tmg-icons.)