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Keywords: ♥ ♥ ai otsuka
leave me to my love of the stars. (personal)
Keywords: fanfiction ♥ shigure sohma
writing out my fantasies.
Keywords: COMO ESTAN BITCHES? ♥ koki tanaka
Keywords: ¦3 ♥ excel
you, sir, are turning me on. (personal)
Keywords: camera time ♥ junjun
taking pictures for the very first time. (ippai_kitai)
Keywords: you can do it! ♥ masuda takahisa
confidence, i must have it! (kanfufighting)
Keywords: sleeping time. ♥ seto kouji
dreaming of freedom. (iconsordie)
Keywords: pimping out. ♥ shigeaki kato
it's hard out here for a pimp. (jinnipu)
Keywords: nerd. ♥ seto kouji
leave it to the nerd to figure things out. (iconsordie)
Keywords: dork. ♥ yamashita tomohisa
this is the only thing i know. (itsbad; personal)
Keywords: speechless. ♥ shirota yuu
have plenty to say but no courage to do it. (kanfufighting)
Keywords: boredom. ♥ seto kouji
i should do something but i just won't. (kanfufighting)
Keywords: 8O ♥ choi siwon
shock, surprise me. (iconsordie)
Keywords: annoucement taimu! ♥ g.dragon
it's important! shift your attention to me! (iconsordie)
Keywords: hay there bbs! ♥ seto kouji
may i join you? (highskyfighter)