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Keywords: oh lord give me the patience and werewit
by ~jinnycalderone
Keywords: wtaf
by ~ 1824
Keywords: ha okay no
by (?)
Keywords: pretty princess
by ~ tulabula
Keywords: *omg 2nd hand embarrrrrrrrrrasssssed*
by ~hug
Keywords: whatevs
by ~phony
Keywords: peace and fu
by ~comm: sedgwicked
Keywords: my drunkcryes
by ~comm: sedgwicked
Keywords: on second thought i'd prefer a turd sand
by ~comm: sedgwicked
Keywords: yep
by ~comm: sedgwicked
Keywords: frida k
By me, please don't take.
Keywords: blink blink
by ~missdenueve
Keywords: Madonna
Keywords: umm yea
by _clubsandwiches
Keywords: kisses
by ~j in the gifs