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Keywords: man ♂ god
their ain't no other word for it
Keywords: draw ☼ this is me signing off
mathilde aubier → lecollage
Keywords: man ♂ to be his ward
and find some protection → iconzicons
Keywords: draw ☼ urban patois
speak cryptic → madapostle
Keywords: draw ☼ belladonna's trap
leaves the tea bitter → timepunching
Keywords: draw ☼ last evolution revolution
evolution → timepunching
Keywords: failure╞ ignore me
yes i can → kapowicons
Keywords: green ▀ you fucking pie-nut
this is how we operate → iconofilth
Keywords: draw ☼ miss neither here nor there
okazaki → trixicons
Keywords: camera ⌠ perpetual child
can only bring you so far → thirdhex
Keywords: man ♂ the boy with the thorn in his side
behind the hatred there lies → alienating
Keywords: meta ╬ ecological terrorist
mother nature's revenge → prey
Keywords: meta ╬ ride on shooting star
orange slide the sky it reflects → prey
Keywords: celestial ‡ i choose to grow stronger
and i came this far → isaac
Keywords: bang ↔ simulated rainbow violence
it's a snake in a box → cakemix
Keywords: bang ↔ gritty solid snake zomg
he's gritty you know → cakemix
Keywords: genesis ░ real or just a dream
am i something that you need → smiles
Keywords: celestial ‡ who am i
if i can't be yours → parle
Keywords: smile ☺flick your cigarette
and kiss me → radon_
Keywords: celestial ‡ this is my chu face
don't make me punch you through the internet → bel
Keywords: despair ░ speak no evil
suicide is growing taller → heymisspam
Keywords: despair ░ red future
it's looking pretty grim → conquertheleft
Keywords: despair ░ go back
or else i'll sue → conquertheleft
Keywords: despair ░ i'm in despair
life has left me in despair → heymisspam
Keywords: gutteral ☼ cannibal rights and peace
just ignore the smell → hysterya
Keywords: gutteral ☼ removing the head
or destroying the brain → hysterya
Keywords: meta ╬ this is my rifle
this is my gun → delanynder
Keywords: inked ╬ most glorious force
her power grew → bidonata
Keywords: despair ░ banner's ultimate colour
the cranes are scared → mugen_sasorin
Keywords: despair ░ sixteen maybe less
blank faces hanging on the wall → ulqui
Keywords: film ^ boogie woogie men
jump to the left jump to the right → lizardqueen
Keywords: meta ╬ love conquers all
hal feels dandy thank you tazer_alex
Keywords: bang ↔ children i've brutalized
awoken something beautiful → dolinovodno
Keywords: bang ↔ seeing the truth
to question is to surrender → lunargullicons
Keywords: despair ░ marionette
teacher's pet → starsurfer
Keywords: revolution ░ marine me
ocean where I will be myself → akushiba
Keywords: revolution ░ until time expires
let's compose our memories → reckless_fire
Keywords: celestial ‡ it will hit
this life cannot go back → bel
Keywords: toon * omg
omgomgomg → candlejack
Keywords: tales ░ seeing shadows
in the light → simon
Keywords: tales ░ blatent fanservice
thank you shaft → simon
Keywords: bang ↔ haz a flavor
tastes like chicken → sepia_iris
Keywords: failure╞ behold the future
and tremble → sandoz_iscariot
Keywords: meta ╬ nuuuuuu
i miss ted kord → soysauce
Keywords: meta ╬ delicious
he makes me smile → soysauce
Keywords: meta ╬ my heart
don't go breaking it, dc → ushitora_icons & oxboxer
Keywords: meta ╬ choose your side
for a price → prey
Keywords: meta ╬ take this
baby spank this → delanynder
Keywords: meta ╬ my parents!
are dead! → swagga
Keywords: meta ╬ star children
alone in the wind → zatanna
Keywords: meta ╬ herringbone
this shall be my opus → zatanna
Keywords: toon * was it worth it
yes it was worth it → sweet_revenge00
Keywords: meta ╬ purr kitty purr
and then he'll melt your face off → zatanna
Keywords: meta ╬ healer fighter
lover defender → dreconcarne
Keywords: meta ╬ brightest day
blackest night → dreconcarne
Keywords: man ♂ there are implications
in their relationship → iconzicons
Keywords: meta ╬ not quite carrie kelly
but just as incredible → zatanna
Keywords: meta ╬ pervert doppleganger
hangs around doing sexual crimes → zatanna
Keywords: bang ↔ am i moe
when i tear you apart → unasuvas
Keywords: despair ░ call the medic
it's pathetic → unasuvas
Keywords: guro ☼ happyface
your smile streaked with blood → impaler
Keywords: bang ↔ tinest turian
my teenie husbando → memorizing
Keywords: porn ☼ 深山本手
miyama honte (high mountains) →unasuvas
Keywords: porn ☼ ウグイスの谷渡り
uguisu-no-taniwatari (warbler in flight) → unasuvas
Keywords: porn ☼ 逆手からみ
sakate karami (tight topsy-turvy) → unasuvas
Keywords: porn ☼ 宝船
takara-bune (treasure boat) → unasuvas
Keywords: porn ☼ 時雨茶臼
shigure chausu (drizzling tea-grinding mill) → unasuvas
Keywords: porn ☼ 襷がけ
tasukigake (double-belted) → unasuvas
Keywords: toon * but one face
i have many → thunderhorse
Keywords: toon * this is not a good day
maybe tomorrow → personas
Keywords: meta ╬ step up
'cause i'm on a mission → zatanna
Keywords: bang ↔ i can kill you
and i'm darling to boot → lovino
Keywords: genesis ░ eyes have it
uncharted world → candlejack
Keywords: porn ☼ paper thin thing
pearly sunrise
Keywords: guro ☼ bite my lips
under your feet
Keywords: film ^ in this hell
i lit a fire underneath myself → bomburjo
Keywords: guro ☼ don't be shy
there's a crowd to cry → impaler
Keywords: guro ☼ moves beneath me
it pulls my body → akushiba
Keywords: celestial ‡ booty be fly
back dat ass up → innovade
Keywords: genesis ░ you stood there
only in your underwear → bel
Keywords: despair ░ our password
apple plucking beam → starsurfer
Keywords: guro ☼ walls are paper thin
and everyone hears every little sound apare
Keywords: guro ☼ itsy bitsy spider
climbed up the water spout → impaler
Keywords: draw ☼ keep rhythm with no metronome
no metronome no metronome → withlace
Keywords: porn ☼ call on me
spin spin sugar → bubblemilk
Keywords: guro ☼ break my body
hold my bones → nijiura
Keywords: guro ☼ of square waves
random truth → nijiura
Keywords: draw ☼ riceboy sleeps
boy 1904 → bubblemilk
Keywords: animate ░ girl you got the chops
flip flop she bop self taught → unasuvas
Keywords: guro ☼ can't conceive
that indeed we'll never leave → kivat
Keywords: porn ☼ slither baby
wither baby cold as ice now huh → kivat
Keywords: guro ☼ blind in the air
you will reap a whirlwind → kivat
Keywords: draw ☼ horns
Keywords: porn ☼ how i got my 4.0 gpa
an essay → nijiura
Keywords: guro ☼ spliced aphrodite
inside's as nice as the outside → kelodi
Keywords: toon * you bastards
there's no sand in my vagina! → alexagfx
Keywords: draw ☼ not a toy
silly boy bubblemilk
Keywords: porn ☼ found him
with my penis → cheese_tart
Keywords: draw ☼ look at you silly girl
who are you → keloidi
Keywords: draw ☼ barrel of a gun
safe and sound → masuoka
Keywords: film ^ workplace safety first
ask me how my day is → deadowls
Keywords: film ^ can't go home again
but you can try → deadowls
Keywords: tv ♠ time to think about my past
as i dodge between the bullets → cleopancake
Keywords: tv ♠ I'd like to get to know you
but you're talking much to slowly → cleopancake
Keywords: tv ♠ dis bullshit
my friend lew judges you → daisyham
Keywords: tv ♠ tonight...you
he's got half of europe in his pack → daisyham
Keywords: tv ♠ shut your mouth web
come on webster webster you fuck → daisyham
Keywords: tv ♠ gardenhead knows my name
i'll meet you up high in your anger → cleopancake
Keywords: tv ♠ all creeping on my screen
enabling his alcoholic boyfriend → daisyham
Keywords: tv ♠ but they found you
and they took you and somehow you survived → scotsdontcry
Keywords: tv ♠ you seem so bruised
and it's beautiful as it's reflecting → scotsdontcry
Keywords: tv ♠ open eyes again
i see you marching in → oxoniensis
Keywords: tv ♠ smile your way through
the good times and the bad → oxoniensis
Keywords: tv ♠ all the world
and you the firesky → cleopancake
Keywords: tv ‡ cheeky bastard
live studio audience → daisyham
Keywords: tv ♠ this is his career choice
he is now keyboard cat → asemic
Keywords: tv ♠ a ginger welsh doctor
search your heart for you know it is true → lemonpunch
Keywords: tv ♠ tasted your air
and your lighter's smoke → asemic
Keywords: tv ‡ accident and emergency
braver than i've ever been → mirrorskies
Keywords: tv ♠ smoke in the park
and sleep in the greenery → scotsdontcry
Keywords: tv ♠ we grew up together
died and reborn mysteriously saved → scotsdontcry
Keywords: tv ♠ knew this one girl
drowned in her own curls → thefallentree
Keywords: man ♂ grand pianos crash
walks with his new beat → capelle
Keywords: draw ☼ a self portrait as a drowned man
i am you and you are me → kivat
Keywords: pocket § totodile chomp
Keywords: pocket § totodance
Keywords: pocket § totohmygoodness
Keywords: pocket § totodizzy
Keywords: pocket § totohno
Keywords: pocket § oshawoooot?
Keywords: animate ░ taking a bite out
of the peach tonight → vanillasalt
Keywords: animate ░ lolitapop dollhouse
is that all you ever wanted me to be → vanillasalt
Keywords: tv ‡ clandestine defense force
gone before its time → littledivinity
Keywords: tv ‡ he's heard your doubts
the words stung → wallflower18
Keywords: tv ‡ manly jaw and eyeglasses
signs of a leader → wallflower18
Keywords: man ♂ buster
Keywords: man ♂ what you did there
Keywords: man ♂ pretty woman
Keywords: man ♂ eating
Keywords: um.
Keywords: tim
Keywords: 2kewl
Keywords: swans
Keywords: h.itami