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Keywords: Stana Katic — Castle S6 BTS
Keywords: Lola – room
From Run Lola Run, one of my favorite movies. ALL ICONS MADE BY ME but shareable, just credit, thanks!
Keywords: <3 the 90s – Adam Levine – humpty dance
From the 1990 episode.
Keywords: <3 the 90s – MIB – wink
I love Michael Ian Black. Here he is discussing his role on NYPD Blue as Joey Diaz, Puerto Rican street hustler *winks*
Keywords: Ian Crocker – Crockah!
My beloved Ian Crocker on Good Morning America, when I became officially enamored.
Keywords: Ian Crocker – Michael Phelps – hug
At the Olympics after the 4x100 medley, Crocker hugged Phelps in appreciation for Phelps giving Crocker his spot.
Keywords: Lola – black/white
Keywords: Phantom – masquerade
Keywords: self – androgynous
A picture nosanityxf took in 2000. http://pics.livejournal.com/aprilbegins/pic/0036g16d
Keywords: Clay Aiken – Rejected – Run To Me
Bringing back an old favorite. Don't call it a comeback.
Keywords: OC: Seth/Summer – Mallpisode kiss
Oh the clarity! Bless you promo pics always and forever
Keywords: OC: Seth – solid 15
From the episode The Lonely Hearts Club.
Keywords: AI: Mikalah – Viva!
From the top 12 Ford commercial.
Keywords: Beavis and Butt-head – spatula
Vaya con Cornholio.
Keywords: OC: Adam Brody – that's weird to me
From one of the Obsess Completely specials.
Keywords: Wet Hot American Summer – vegetable can
"Thank you."
Keywords: Notebook: Allie – meh.
Keywords: Simpsons: Milhouse – self-esteem
Another old one...so much space now for icons...
Keywords: Kelly Clarkson – sepia
I had this icon for SUCH A LONG TIME back in the day
Keywords: Kate Winslet – ...more Vogue
Photo by Mario Testino.
Keywords: etc – black people care
NBC hurricane benefit and VMAs...I learned a lot in a week
Keywords: etc – Celine Dion – gone wild
Larry King Live. She was pissed about how our country's dealing with Katrina (and rightly so) and lashed out beautifully
Keywords: VM: Logan/Veronica – breakaway
Keywords: Ian Crocker – Team Crocker
jessieka's on Team Phelps. All we have so far are icons. It's a bloodbath, this rivalry, can't you tell
Keywords: BSC: Goodbye Stacey
She's so ridiculously JOLLY. You're a fucking liar, Stacey McGill.
Keywords: etc – Zola – J'accuse!...
Before I even knew Zola was a dude, J'accuse!... was a joy in my life.
Keywords: VM: Jason Dohring – the end.
I wasn't at the VIP function but the chalkboard is handy for making true statements in Photoshop.
Keywords: Sasha Cohen – laiiiid back
with her mind on her gold and her gold on her mind?
Keywords: Sasha Cohen – nyerp
for those highly insecure days, though I'm sure Sasha's more confident than I am, which makes her all the better
Keywords: VM: Logan – bouncing ball
Plan B.
Keywords: VM: Veronica – these are the jokes.
Keywords: self – Avril peut écrire
Before closing my French journal, aptly titled avrilpeutecrire, I brought this icon over.
Keywords: VM: Veronica – This is it.
Keywords: Colbert Report – Idaho's Portugal
It really is more intellectually stimulating for my dear Oregon than "California's Canada" or "Washington's Mexico."
Keywords: SYTYCD: Benji/Donyelle – both hands
Top 6 group performance.
Keywords: VM: Jason Dohring – crazy sauce
Keywords: VM: Logan/Veronica – fidelity
Keywords: VM: Logan/Veronica – 3x03 hug
Keywords: VM: Logan – adored you
Keywords: VM: Logan/Veronica – never lonely alone
Keywords: VM: Logan – don't be hatin'
So much animosity! Pfft! I still love him dearly, dammit.
Keywords: VM: Logan – And?
Keywords: GG: Paris – are you serious?!
Keywords: GG: Rory – coffee love
Keywords: VM: Logan/Veronica – I'm the girlfriend
Keywords: Office: Kelly and Jim – catch-up
It's kind of astonishing how much I mirror Kelly. And yet I don't feel that bad about it.
Keywords: VM: Madison – Old Icons – regular soda
Keywords: VM: Veronica – good day
Keywords: VM: Logan/Veronica – yeah yeah yeahs
Cause the third time's a charm? Or not.
Keywords: VM: Logan – red rover red rover
Keywords: VM: Veronica – the amazing Swiffer
Keywords: VM: Veronica – endzone dance
Keywords: VM: Veronica – Muppets: Janice – compare
I didn't hate the bangs as much as others but, you know, this could totally be next.
Keywords: VM: Jason Dohring – self – reflection
Keywords: Office: Jim/Pam – a-w-e-s-o-m-e
awesome awesome is what we are
Keywords: VM: Logan – for the love of feet
Probably going to be overlooked in the long run for best L/V moments, but this is so precious. Swaddled feet FTW!
Keywords: VM: Veronica – once a pirate...
*shrugs* I don't care about pirates; this just kind of happened. Faaaace. Oh, but I do like saying 'yar' sometimes.
Keywords: Office: Jim/Pam – end of day
Keywords: etc: Lindsay Lohan – Miu Miu
Every now and then, she finds herself a purpose. Like being a model for some fantastic Miu Miu ads that fit my mood.
Keywords: Office: Jenna/John – Golden Globes '07
Keywords: VM: Jason/Ryan – guy love
A tribute to good friends, as per a song in Scrubs: The Musical. No hands.
Keywords: McGosling – SAG Awards
Keywords: House: Cameron – breakthrough
Keywords: Office: Pam – solace
Keywords: GG: Rory/Jess – 22.8
Keywords: ANTM: Natasha – Surprise!
Keywords: Kermit – Being green
AI Ford commercial for hybrid vehicles
Keywords: ANTM: Jael – best day ever
Her perennial can-do spirit is amusing and endearing.
Keywords: ANTM: Dionne – hold up
Keywords: VM: Logan/Veronica – hey look relaxed
Keywords: etc: Vanessa Paradis – do not want
Now mind you I've had an icon of her before in a positive light. But when she opens her mouth, it's all over.
Keywords: Office: Kelly – ...and for Kelly a brain
Our enthusiasm levels are highly complementary.
Keywords: House: Cameron – victory
She splits her V, she dots her I...
Keywords: Office: Creed – survivalism
He'll do anything it takes to continue sleeping under his desk.
Keywords: VM: Veronica/Office: Pam – That's Popeye
Keywords: Office: Angela – writing
"I'm sorry, are we boring you?"
Keywords: Office: Pam – go go gadget assertiveness
Keywords: Beavis and Butt-head – animation
Keywords: Beavis and Butt-head – park ranger
Keywords: Office: Jim/Pam – birthday
Keywords: VM: Logan/Veronica - whirlwind
Keywords: VM: Logan/Veronica - distraction
Keywords: Amanda Bynes – Hairspray premiere
Keywords: Loveline: Stryker – Bienvenidos
Keywords: SYTYCD – The Moment I Said It
To me, the best thing this season. I've played it over and over and over and over.
Keywords: etc: Katie and Suri – parapluie
Keywords: Office: Pam – it was a local bird
Keywords: Office: Rainn Wilson – black Kate Moss
Rainn vs. Kanye West at the 2007 Emmys
Keywords: Pushing Daisies: Ned/Chuck – dandelion
Keywords: Gaspard Ulliel – overhead
Keywords: Office: John – écharpe
Keywords: Kristen Stewart – Tribeca 07
Keywords: Gaspard Ulliel – semi-Edwardian
This photo and the ones on the red chaise lounge are the ones that perfectly suit Edward Cullen, imo
Keywords: Pushing Daisies – pop-up
Keywords: ANTM – Cycle 5 fake-out
Keywords: ANTM: April – rings
My namesake in Cycle 2 was made of awesome.
Keywords: ANTM: Shandi – Solstice
Keywords: Edward Norton – hush
Keywords: Old icons – Project Runway: Austin
Keywords: ANTM: Jenah – strawberry
Keywords: Proenza Schouler – Pre-Fall 08
Keywords: Project Runway: Jacqueline – HC
Keywords: Project Runway – Chris and Maria!!
Keywords: Project Runway: Christian – cut a bitch
"Every five minutes I was ready to cut somebody."
Keywords: Project Runway: Heidi – Snap!
If you're not on ohnotheydidnt, the text stands for "I agree with this comment so fucking much"
Keywords: Project Runway: Christian – Ms. Coutura
Keywords: Project Runway: Christian/Kit – karaoke
Two thirds of Team Star!
Keywords: Project Runway: Christian and Heidi
Keywords: Project Runway: Tim and Christian
Awww, they're like a little family.
Keywords: Ksenia – E. Armani Fall 08 RTW
Keywords: SYTYCD – Katee – scream
Keywords: SYTYCD – Chelsie/Mark – hip-hop
Keywords: etc – Lindsay and Sam
Keywords: etc – Tobey – you betta recognize
Keywords: Twilight – RPattz and KStew
Keywords: SYTYCD – Courtney and Gev
Keywords: XF – Usher/Humbug
Vh1's I Love the 90s: 1993
Keywords: Office: Creed – Celebrity Family Feud
Keywords: XF: Gillian and David – XF2 premiere
Keywords: Olympics – Raj Bhavsar
Keywords: Unsolved Mysteries – Update!
Keywords: Olympics – Kerri and Kippy Strug
Keywords: Suri – doll
Keywords: ANTM: Elina – Week 1
Keywords: Project Runway: Kenley – the flying Aqua
Keywords: SNL – single and looking
Keywords: Obama – with Hillary in Florida
Keywords: Obama – Barack and Michelle
Keywords: Colbert Report – endorsement
Keywords: Obama – Bump!
Keywords: Loveline – you have baffled Dr. Drew
Keywords: Colbert Report – Yulia Tymoshenko!
The Prime Minister of Ukraine
Keywords: Kristen Stewart – NYC
Keywords: Rahm Emanuel – I'm fucking listening
Keywords: Office: Jim/Pam – garage hug
Keywords: Benjamin Button – lightning
Keywords: Michelle Obama – Inaugural Ball
Keywords: Slumdog Millionaire: Dev – thumbs up
Keywords: Office: Andy – they're catching things
Keywords: American Idol: Tatiana – jewelry on HSN
Keywords: Watchmen: Rorschach – Hurm.
Keywords: ANTM: London – effervescence
Keywords: American Idol – Kradam – VH1
Keywords: Glee – me
Keywords: Lady GaGa – Kermit – VMAs
Keywords: American Idol – Kradam – AMAs
Keywords: Coco Rocha – she ain't the Biggest Loser
Keywords: Conan – Twitter Tracker
Keywords: J.R. Celski – start
Keywords: etc – i see you britney. i see you
Keywords: Lady GaGa – Telephone - point point
Keywords: Lady GaGa – Telephone – clap clap
Keywords: SNL – Debbie Downer
Keywords: etc – Mommie Dearest
Keywords: etc – Bring It On
Keywords: SNL – Fallon/Fey
Keywords: Scrubs: Elliot – whore
Keywords: Lola – mugshots
Keywords: OC: Seth/Summer – cardboard
Keywords: me – high on life
Keywords: me – care bear stare
Keywords: etc – I love my friends
Keywords: Gilmore Girls: Michel – 2%
Keywords: etc – Slater-Kinney
Keywords: etc – NIN guinea pig
Keywords: Lady GaGa – Met Gala
Keywords: Glee: Quinn – GaGa
Keywords: Glee: cast – GaGa
Keywords: Glee – Kurt and Burt
best dad ever
Keywords: Friends: Chandler – hard to be rich
Keywords: Georgina Stojiljkovic – JPG F/W 09
Keywords: etc – Kristin and Idina
Keywords: etc – Keanu and Sandra
Keywords: etc – Janice Dickinson – sunscreen
Keywords: Beavis and Butt-head – gen in crisis
Keywords: etc – Natalie Portman – Black Swan
Keywords: Lady GaGa – is the best (JP)
Keywords: Work of Art – Miles
Keywords: White Collar – Today Show
Keywords: Breaking Bad – Aaron Paul is a winner!
Keywords: Ben Affleck – Violet hug
Keywords: Lindsay Lohan – Louboutins went in a bag
Keywords: Cher Lloyd – doll
Keywords: Conan – Kanye
Keywords: Glee – mini-glee
Keywords: Glee: Santana – wedding reception
Keywords: God Hates Times New Roman
Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive
Keywords: Giuliana is the worst
Keywords: etc – Born This Way
Keywords: NFL – the brothers Harbaugh
I love my sons
Keywords: Hunger Games/Glee: Grant Gustin-Finnick
Keywords: Nikita - Shane and Maggie
Keywords: Castle: Beckett – kiss/pistol whip
Keywords: Castle: Stana and Nathan – swings
Keywords: Stana Katic – TV Guide shoot
Keywords: Don't Trust the B- in Apt 23: X-Files
Keywords: SNL: Zooey as Mary-Kate
Keywords: Scarlett: Black Widow interview
Keywords: Scarlett and Renner – mirror of trust
Keywords: old icon revival: Tori – counting sheep
Keywords: Stana Katic – fist pump
Critics' Choice Awards red carpet
Keywords: Castle: Caskett – You've got this.
4x01 Rise
Keywords: Family Guy: Stewie – undercover
4x23 Deep Throats
Keywords: McKayla Maroney – Letterman
Keywords: Castle: Stana/Nathan – EW shoot 8/21/12
Keywords: etc: Jimmy Fallon/Christina Aguilera/The
Keywords: Castle: Stana Katic – A-ok
Keywords: Stana Katic – Stana meets ostrich
Keywords: Castle: Beckett – Still
Keywords: Demi Lovato: Stay Strong – not ready
Keywords: Glee: Cory and Lea – RIP Cory
Keywords: Castle: Stana Katic – season 6 promo
Keywords: Castle: Beckett – This is not nothing!
Keywords: SNL: Kerry Washington – My Girl
Keywords: SNL: Aidy Bryant – Adele covers the L.A.
Keywords: Miley Cyrus – Britney concert
Keywords: Castle: Beckett – Olympics

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