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Keywords: Rin/Archer, vulnerable
[fsn] places without salvation, and us here.
Keywords: liberty/justice, OTP
[misc] the good kind of statutory?
Keywords: horrible, humphumphump, wrong
Rock Lee -- Fuck a Duck (Naruto // Fanart) | [no I'm not sorry]
Keywords: ded, dejected, exanimate, flump
Mew -- Orange Cat Needs Love Badly | [please donate hugs]
Keywords: artistic
[bernadette] and a little more red
Keywords: comfortable, hottest. woman. ever.
Bernadette Peters -- The Less I Wear, the More Comfortable I Feel | [she hugged me you know]
Keywords: Adam, guilt
Adam -- How Do You Sleep at Night? (Spooks // Show) | [spies do it with angst]
Keywords: attention whore, look at me, me me me
Christopher -- Attention Must Be Paid | [obey the kitton]
Keywords: bleah, masochism
Yoruichi/Soi Fong -- I Love It When She Breaks Me (Bleach // Manga) | [the bee is a masochist]
Keywords: goofy, injoke
Katamari Elric -- Edward Elric Hates You (Katamari Damacy/Fullmetal Alchemist // Fanart) | [angriest cousin ever]
Keywords: boobies, fanservice
[gseed] possibly he gets something else as well
Keywords: broken, Yzak
[gseed] wounded pride tends to scar
Keywords: Lacus, love for you!, you kick ass
Lacus -- Love for You (Gundam SEED // Official Art) | [many heartbubbles ensue]
Keywords: I hate fandom, mutual, YoruSoi
Yoruichi/Soi Fong -- The Feeling Is Mutual (Bleach // Anime) | [suck it, fandom]
Keywords: kink, punishment, Rider, you've been bad
[fsn] alternative magicstyles
Keywords: Rin
[fsn] just turns me on
Keywords: Axel, Axel/Roxas
Axel -- Roxas Goes Here (Kingdom Hearts // Game) | [he sure does]
Keywords: trauma, unclean
Sasuke -- I Can Wash and Wash... (Naruto // Fanart) // Icon by ormery.
Keywords: I suck, loser, story of my life
[misc] truer words have never been googled
Keywords: Mwu
Mwu -- Cooler Than You (Gundam SEED // Official Art) | [it's because he is]
Keywords: fandom, Katamari
Icon by bravecows. It still has some of her awesome on it.
Keywords: Chi, kitton, mew, ooh shiny
Chi -- Shiny! (Chi's Sweet Home // Manga) | [kittonsparkle!]
Keywords: adorable, cute
Chi -- The Day Cute Conquered the World (Chi's Sweet Home // Manga) | [it's coming soon]
Keywords: Odo/Kira
[ds9] the love of a god
Keywords: borgborgborg, geeky, Star Trek
Locutus -- Resistance Is Futile (The Next Generation // "Best of Both Worlds") | [obligatory borg icon]
Keywords: 8), do me?, Dukat, pervert
Dukat -- Would You Do Me? (Deep Space Nine // "Covenant") | [what? evil aliens are totally hot]
Keywords: contemplative, Fllay/Yzak, staring into space
Fllay/Yzak -- ♥ ♥ ♥ (Gundam SEED // Anime) | [the two biggest bitches in the entire series]
Keywords: denial, friends, friendship, your mom
Bashir and O'Brien -- Your Mother. No, YOURS. (Deep Space Nine // "Extreme Measures") | [bff!]
Keywords: Garak, spy
[ds9] and many other delightful rhymes as well
Keywords: Athrun/Cagalli, catty, lol fandom
[gseed] the ship so evil, hell spat it out
Keywords: O_o, surprise
True story. Fortunately not *my* true story.
Keywords: Allen/Rinali, D.Gray-man
[dgm] i thought of you as i was dying
Keywords: Babylon 5, light and dark
[b5] understanding is a three-edged sword
Keywords: Kira/Lacus, light
[gseed] shine with all the untold
Keywords: fight
Mwu -- Fight the Good Fight (Gundam SEED // Anime) | [v2.0 with added sex]
Keywords: beatdown, Sakura
Sakura -- Show the World (Naruto // Movie) | [she can do it you know]
Keywords: hello, hey there, Nekoten
Yumi and Kansuke -- Hello World (Gakuen Sousei Nekoten // Manga) | [kansuke > all]
Keywords: bad, Mwu/Murrue, sheepish
Mwu/Murrue -- Bad Pilot No Biscuit (Gundam SEED // Anime) | [...but it's such a nice rack D:]
Keywords: Dearka/Miriallia, here for you, supportive
[gseed] ...if this is what you need
Keywords: Kakashi, masks
Kakashi -- Masks (Naruto // Manga Cover Art) // Color by Paintpixel. | [he's got it all covered]
Keywords: pwn, teehee
Cagalli -- *pwns you* (Gundam SEED // Official Art) | [contrary to popular belief, this is actually true]
Keywords: faith, NaruSasuSaku, Naruto, Team 7
[naruto] they are the faithful, he is their rock
Keywords: annoying, Squall/Rinoa
Squall/Rinoa -- You're-Going-To-Like-Me (Final Fantasy VIII // Game) | [icon for annoying the Squall/Rinoa haters :D]
Keywords: Gundam Seed, invincible, OT4
[gseed] higher and higher.
Keywords: Cagalli, temptation
Cagalli -- Naked ♥ (Gundam SEED // Official Art) | [cagalli hotness > all]
Keywords: Judeau, Judeau/Casca, loyalty
Judeau -- >:| (Berserk // Manga) | Color by emlan.
Keywords: Berserk, Griffith, strange
Griffith -- Strange Visions (Berserk // Official Art) | [now with added rainbows]
Keywords: >:), mean
Dr. Cox -- >:) (Scrubs // "My Overkill") | [looking happy = plotting cruelty]
Keywords: Casca/Farnese/Serpico, home
Casca/Farnese/Serpico -- Welcome Home (Berserk // Manga) | [the new ot3]
Keywords: Gundam Wing, I own you, Treize
[gwing] the true meaning of the series
Keywords: <3, heart, Puck
Puck -- ♥ (Berserk // Official Art) | [fairies can be dorks too]
Keywords: don't fuck with me, Relena
[gwing] got herself a gun
Keywords: Code Geass, I hate canon
The Cast -- Code Hotass (Code Geass // Anime) | [my fanon > geass canon]
Keywords: falling
[berserk] maybe someday she'll fly
Keywords: done, this is it
[wire] got on with it.
Keywords: are you for real?, dotdotdot
Omar -- Dotdotdot (The Wire // "Middle Ground") | [still more badass than you]
Keywords: charming, so very innocent
[wire] ...i got the shotgun, you got the briefcase
Keywords: mystery, secret, serious, Stringer Bell
[wire] flowers as a disguise
Keywords: botherbotherbother, stalking
[wire] theirloveissomisguided
Keywords: bitch please, whatever
Kima -- Looking the part. (The Wire // "The Cost") | [she makes a surprisingly good ho]
Keywords: content
[wire] obligatory about-to-get-laid smirk
Keywords: bitter, fuckup, McNulty
[wire] ...a little slow, a little late
Keywords: alive, John Constantine, mystic, on the edge, the Fool
[jc] because he is alive.
Keywords: bored, idle, lazy, morbid
John Constantine -- Punt! (Swamp Thing // Comic) | [don't kick the skull!]
Keywords: gaming, Tonberry
Tonberry -- Deadly (Final Fantasy VI // Game) | [but so cute!]
Keywords: hahaha, laughing, smiley
[dr who] laugh till your mind comes back.
Keywords: Jack/Doctor/Rose, OT3
Jack/Nine/Rose -- &hearts; (Doctor Who // "The Parting of the Ways") | [and many more]
Keywords: Captain Jack, gimme, sex
[dr who] and you, and you, and--
Keywords: Doctor Who, the Tenth Doctor
[dr who] our mad knight.
Keywords: hmph, Lyle/Chameleon, sulky
Chameleon -- >:( Lyle (Legion of Super-Heroes // LSH #84) | [it is angry sneaky love]
Keywords: yay!
Rokk/Garth -- ♥ ♥ ♥ (Legion of Super-Heroes // LSH #0) | [so crushing on each other]
Keywords: comfort, hold me, peaceful, whole, Zoe/Violet
[lsh] crazy business this, this life we live in
Keywords: LSH, Rokk/Garth/Imra, win
[lsh] the legion always wins
Keywords: D:, Q_Q
[lsh] you cannot resist the sad bug wibble
Keywords: cranky, Gates, rarr
Gates -- >:V (Legion of Super-Heroes // Showcase '96 #8) | [grumpy bug is grumpy]
Keywords: Aang/Katara, Avatar, big grin, smile
Aang/Katara -- :D (Avatar: The Last Airbender // "The Waterbending Scroll" ) | [poisoning you with cute]
Keywords: Aang, shit!
Aang -- DO NOT WANT. (Avatar: The Last Airbender // "The Avatar Returns") | [reaction to zuko/aang? nope.]
Keywords: devious, heh heh heh, Iroh, scheming
Iroh -- :) (Avatar: the Last Airbender // "The Spirit World") | [nearly naked and ready to pwn]
Keywords: abused, kicktoy, ow, Sokka, sore
Sokka -- ♥ (Avatar: The Last Airbender // "The Warriors of Kyoshi" ) | [best boyfriend ever!]
Keywords: ramble, tl;dr
[mew] tl;drcat says stfu
Keywords: bitchy, Fllay
[gseed] and charming and vicious
Keywords: giggle, Rydia, teasing
[ffiv] cute with flowers, but she will kick your ass
Keywords: curious, interested, Kima
[wire] soft eyes; not much else soft
Keywords: stupidity, what's wrong with you?
Omar -- Boom. (The Wire // "Storm Warnings") | [and everybody gets pwned.]
Keywords: drained, Prez, weary
[wire] they all tried and failed.
Keywords: death, evil
[wire] you have an appointment in a vacant apartment, sir
Keywords: hah, The Wire
Omar -- All in the Game (The Wire // "That's Got His Own") | [it's tough being this awesome, it really is]
Keywords: Bleach, foods, hungry, Rukia
[bleach] has an oral fixation; ask orihime for details
Keywords: cold, numb
[wire] the system works, right?
Keywords: awesome, cool!, Omar
[wire] certified made of awesome.
Keywords: Bodie, oh fuck
[wire] but you played it well
Keywords: I'm fucked, ouch, tentacle rape, wait a minute
[avatar] this is not consensual!
Keywords: altered states, drunk, relaxed
Sokka -- Peace! (Avatar // "The Desert") | [he's in his happy place!]
Keywords: awkward, blush, Suki
[avatar] of course, sokka is *always* a fool.
Keywords: dangerous, sexy
Omar -- WWOD? (The Wire // "Home Rooms") | [answer: pwn everybody!]
Keywords: Chi's Sweet Home, grateful, sweetness and light
Mama and Chi -- Love. (Chi's Sweet Home // Manga) | [making the world cuter one panel at a time]
Keywords: bouncy, energetic, flail
Chi -- ★ (Chi's Sweet Home // Manga) | [kittonspaz!]
Keywords: annoyed, pout, whine
Chi -- mewmewmewmeowww (Chi's Sweet Home // Anime) | [what a poor abused mew]
Keywords: Claymore, Teresa/Clare
[claymore] bodies and souls bound together.
Keywords: buh, confusion, huh?
[ttgl] only a sometimes confusion
Keywords: hatred, I kill you
[b&k] do taunt happy fun kitten
Keywords: afraid, shock
[ttgl] she hasn't let go either
Keywords: gay, Gundam 00
[g00] breaking your kinsey scale
Keywords: Lockon/Tieria, random, touched
[g00] if i dream, i dream of you
Keywords: feminism
[misc] carving out our middle ground
Keywords: crazy, freaky, Portal
[portal] liars that prosper
Keywords: Azula/Ty Lee, I'll follow you
[avatar] we made a promise that we'd always remember
Keywords: breaking, defeated, Gwendolyn/Oswald, pwned
[os] almost already in love
Keywords: thankful, thanks
[ttgl] a beautiful end to a beautiful day
Keywords: fail, lose, Oswald
[os] and until i die, i'll die day after day after day after day
Keywords: ew, gross, Ingway/Mercedes, whimper
[os] the best of their times
Keywords: accomplished, Feldt
[g00] dear world i'm pleased to meet you
Keywords: do not want, grumpy, meh
[mew] kill all humans
Keywords: :o, Gwendolyn, lost
[os] moments in the woods
Keywords: Michiko/Atsuko, psst
[mth] fanservice done right
Keywords: Allelujah/Soma, sleepy, tired, zzz
[g00] objects in motion, objects at rest?
Keywords: Akihiko, calm
[p3] i promise you & me
Keywords: :), IAWTC, Persona 3, Yukari/Mitsuru
[p3] we resolve to remember
Keywords: drama
[g00] a family reunion in secondary colors
Keywords: Fakir/Ahiru, harmony
[tutu] love below and above
Keywords: Ahiru, doh, whoops
[tutu] princess of fail
Keywords: Princess Tutu, Rue, sad
[tutu] my cage has many rooms, damask and dark
Keywords: wistful
[g00] and you broke my tender heart and so here we are
Keywords: facepalm, Patrick
[g00] fools make the best lovers
Keywords: skeptical, Tieria
[g00] unfit to be an icon?
Keywords: Casca/Farnese, silly
[berserk] this is the essence of moe
Keywords: darkness, Susan/Marcus
[b5] between the darkness and the light
Keywords: pissed off, sexism
[ttgl] this is me in fandomsecrets
Keywords: fun, Simon/Nia
[ttgl] interludes in world-saving
Keywords: fierce, stubborn, violence
[jeeja] you gotta back it all up, you gotta talk the talk
Keywords: pleased
[movies] secret lesbians before technicolor
Keywords: hot, naked
[olga] shed your skin
Keywords: crack, Macross Frontier
[mac f] fairy, princess, and queen
Keywords: aww
[g00] he leaves her peace and heartbreak
Keywords: dirty thoughts
[mac f] this is not what it looks like
Keywords: angst, emo
[mac f] but i'll come back to haunt you if i drown
Keywords: anime, Graham
[g00] the revenge of fanboy-kun
Keywords: love me, weird
[g00] fanservice comes in many colors
Keywords: Louise, rage
[g00] the course of true love never did run without death threats
Keywords: regret
[g00] this is a song for you in case i never make it through to where you are
Keywords: hey, Lockon
[g00] and i'll do it for the ghost of a smile
Keywords: exhausted, Haru/Rin
[furuba] could have it all whenever you are near
Keywords: dork, pairings
[g00] heaven has no ship wars
Keywords: ...
[g00] no one's masculinity is safe
Keywords: girly, smug
[g00] this life can turn a good girl bad
Keywords: creative, magic
[mkr] try to know who your friends are as you head off to the war
Keywords: innocent
[misc] the better to hear and/or cute you with
Keywords: happy, Nia
[ttgl] on an ordinary day the extraordinary way
Keywords: Mai-HiME, why god why, wtf
[hime] that is the bra-burning question
Keywords: computer, icons
[hime] its mother was a whorebot
Keywords: Lisa
[p2] for the moon shows me my own features again
Keywords: Shizuru
[hime] until our hearts unite
Keywords: excitement, Haruka
[hime] get this party started
Keywords: Fruits Basket, love
[furuba] things will work out right now
Keywords: blank
[bond] giving solace to the one that'll never see the sun shine
Keywords: optimistic, Setsuna/Feldt
[g00] the best is yet to come
Keywords: battered
[nanoha] beat me down before you save me
Keywords: politics
[misc] no matter how bloodless they can make it
Keywords: irritated, Klan/Michel
[mac f] space-time duet 'running away'
Keywords: angry
[misc] et tout le monde, s'il vous plaît
Keywords: plotting
[otome] love us and despair
Keywords: musing
[tlu] such are the things that make a kingdom rumble and shatter
Keywords: Luke/Tear, worried
[abyss] the one where i wake up and i'm alive
Keywords: naughty
[bernadette] if you insist, babe, the challenge delights me
Keywords: communicate, G Gundam
[gg] i trust you foreverrrrr
Keywords: mine, want
[mew] if we can't have it all then nobody will
Keywords: owned, trolling
[mac f] seemed like a good idea at the time
Keywords: musics
[bernadette] if i die it won't be from sitting
Keywords: porn, Shizuru/Natsuki
[hime] this will end well
Keywords: planning
[flcl] this is all cats' brains
Keywords: whee!
[obamas] we are fierce enough for a midday stroll
Keywords: Gurren Lagann, pimp it!
[ttgl] we are made of stars
Keywords: business, Gundam 0080, productive
[0080] who could deal me a heart...or blow me away
Keywords: reading
[misc] which way to thinkytown
Keywords: Keith/Matsuka, stress
[terra] it's probably the coffee
Keywords: crushed, tears
[terra] as heaven is wide
Keywords: anxious, Toward the Terra
[terra] the land before i met you
Keywords: Keith, snark
[terra] nowhere near a smile
Keywords: brooding, sleepless
[terra] the coffee is all symbolic
Keywords: thinking
[misc] the moon is a mask
Keywords: mad
[abyss] it's never been this good
Keywords: devotion, sincere, Treme
[treme] a proper sending off
Keywords: alone, Evangelion
[eva] in your own head.
Keywords: upset
[eva] the worst threesome ever.
Keywords: intarweb, Jade
[abyss] ceiling jade is your worst nightmare
Keywords: Matsuka, zen
[terra] drown in your love and not feel your rain
Keywords: hmm, the plot thickens
[chi] we are all a little bit cat
Keywords: doubtful, Soma/Marie
[g00] to the place where you weren't born
Keywords: pondering, Subaru
[sakura] a study in no conventions
Keywords: cryptic, November 11, obscure
[dtb] if the world had to perish twice
Keywords: Darker Than Black, melancholy
[dtb] the stars are not there to guide you
Keywords: blood, knives out
[dtb] don't look twice
Keywords: info, November/Misaki
[dtb] a meeting of unlike minds
Keywords: busy, Edge/Rydia
[ffiv] an inconvenient love story
Keywords: hidden meanings, The Hunger Games
[thg] real.
Keywords: augh fangirls, glare, it burns
[mew] the invention of deathrays
Keywords: Pokemon
[pokemon] science and cuteness triumph again
Keywords: 999, creepy
[999] the bloodiest farewell
Keywords: Rose, working
[homestuck] magic kitty dreams
Keywords: Judaism, religion
[misc] light a candle
Keywords: :O, Natalia
[abyss] teach me about power!
Keywords: cynical
[jc] not where the adrenaline is.
Keywords: Archer, tough
[fsn] and never put down my sword.
Keywords: hopeful, Madoka Magica
[pmmm] sad magical girls in love and despair
Keywords: !!!
[fsn] the king can be lancelot this time
Keywords: what?
[fsn] a failure to impress
Keywords: amused, Mami
[pmmm] tea and condescension
Keywords: augh, Kyouko, unsure
[pmmm] late to confession
Keywords: Caster, obsessive, ooh scary, run away
[fsn] for you I'd burn the length and breadth of sky
Keywords: fluff, KyouSaya
[pmmm] try to shake my head clear of the dream
Keywords: determined
[fsn] imperial ambitions
Keywords: Fate/stay night
[fsn] stand and wish to save him
Keywords: positive
[fsn] moving forward is the only thing you can do, so--
Keywords: cool
[fsn] what they usually do.