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Here are the userpics for amy_the_yu. Get notified when they upload a new one.

Keywords: Elle
Keywords: Tachikoma
Stolen for me by friends...and now it's MINE!!!
Keywords: Shit
Keywords: MS
Stolen off the intraweb...somewhere...
Keywords: Northlandia
Keywords: TRC
Fanart originally stolen off RimFrost from DA
Keywords: STFU
Made by and stolen from nikitadacosta and her hilariously sexy BJD, Cloud
Keywords: BFF
Text altered, but not made by me
Keywords: Scrat
Made by iceman_f1
Keywords: @_@
Keywords: Bathtub ._.
Rosey's Chipoof in a bathtub...
Keywords: Saiyuki BRB
Created by radarsparks, stolen by me
Keywords: Amy Factory
Made for me by Luckee_Cookie, plz do not take
Keywords: Oh...cock.
Made by me. Contains Richard Hammond from Top Gear's Middle East Special
Keywords: EGL Mod
Sales Comm Mod