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Keywords: windswept hair
Beauty and the Beast illustration by Mercer Mayer from book_icons by thepresidentrix
Keywords: dancing feet
Please do not take unless your feet are in this picture. (These are the feet of my friend and I.)
Keywords: rackham leaf faeries
Cropped bit of a Rackham illustration
Keywords: bookish
Keywords: ofelia el laberinto del fauno
Ofelia reading
Keywords: Ivanova
made by always-a-boom
Keywords: thoughts trapped by sunlight
An insect caught in amber
Keywords: rain
Picture from a New Yorker cover; icon by hobbitholes
Keywords: windswept skirt
Illustration by Mercer Mayer from East of Sun, West of Moon from book_icons by thepresidentrix
Keywords: sepia
illustration by Lizbeth Werger; icon by applebell
Keywords: owl
illustration by Trina Schart Hyman; icon by applebell
Keywords: sea searching
Please do not take; this is cropped from a painting done by a family member.
Keywords: thoughtful
Art by Trina Schart Hyman
Keywords: thoughts of the city
from panoramae