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Keywords: love waits [persuasion]
Keywords: friendship shelters [anne/gil]
by sarea_okelani
Keywords: mmmm david bowie [sarah/jareth]
by akscully
Keywords: wrong wrong wrong [luke/leia]
Keywords: batman/catwoman yes!
Keywords: shift semicolon hyphen l
by akscully
Keywords: history
Keywords: incest is OKAY [luke/leia]
by duncatra
Keywords: I am a sexy bitch
by counterglow
Keywords: someday but not today
by counterglow
Keywords: mmmmmm kissing
by tarie
Keywords: given an ounce of encouragement
by akscully
Keywords: You're number one!
by akscully
Keywords: pzow pzow!
by rouk
Keywords: how I love Sarea and Jade
by akscully
Keywords: something is coming over me
by akscully
Keywords: stfu
by akscully
Keywords: I'm sorry but you are an idiot
by akscully
Keywords: what will be my choice?
by akscully
Keywords: I live a hard life
by akscully
Keywords: another great decision by me
by akscully
Keywords: honey you have no idea
by akscully
Keywords: I think I am
by akscully
Keywords: you didn't hear it from me
by akscully
Keywords: mmmmmm...no
by akscully
Keywords: TMI
by akscully
Keywords: my God I need a drink
by akscully
Keywords: our mothers' well meant advice
by akscully
Keywords: the love between a bitch and a whore
by sarea_okelani
Keywords: Your words make no sense!
by akscully
Keywords: Han/Leia OTP!
by anr
Keywords: Borrrrrring!
Keywords: :>
Keywords: I hear the irony train
Keywords: I have a great rack
Keywords: WTF?
Keywords: I don't care
by rhapsoidia
Keywords: just great
Keywords: listen to me!
by rookwoodcard
Keywords: Picard and Crusher--sigh [p/c]
by jr_moon
Keywords: on the edge [p/c]
base byby jr_moon
Keywords: oh snap!
by dunc
Keywords: earth is boring
by counterglow
Keywords: it really is
by akscully
Keywords: what do mothers know?
by akscully
Keywords: no pants!
Keywords: trevor/claire
by andreams
Keywords: someday my prince will come
Keywords: blue eyed boy
Keywords: until someone gets called a whore by cas
Keywords: truffle shuffle
Keywords: insanity runs deep my friends
art by sarea_okelani
Keywords: quiet love story [roy/riza]
by haibara_k
Keywords: flirting omg [prince/farah]
by jaded_icon
Keywords: mmmm I wanna shoop
Keywords: d00d I dunno
by akscully
Keywords: thhhhhpt
Keywords: big nasty pointed teeth!
Keywords: That girl is me
by soaked
Keywords: Fun until someone puts out an eye
by akscully
Keywords: oh noes!
by hamsterfactor
Keywords: Yum. [doctor]
by qwartz
Keywords: QQ noob
by soaked
Keywords: she is 733t [jaina proudmoore]
by ponyboy
Keywords: oh noz omg!
Keywords: Cubbies!
by akscully
Keywords: Da Bears!
by akscully
Keywords: hello kink [james]
by creativeelf
Keywords: autumn drive
Keywords: a riot of color
Keywords: a storybook ending [robin/marian]
by eikonographia
Keywords: i like not liking people [jane austen]
by spikesbint
Keywords: GANGSTAS LOLOLOLOL [joe/ariel]
by strangersuntold
Keywords: Let's have dinner! [zhi shu/xiang qin]
by kigaru_icons
Keywords: Zhi Shu :| Xiang Qin :D :D :D
by kigaru_icons
Keywords: Cake is love [zhi shu/xiang qin]
by kigaru_icons
Keywords: a playboy and a good girl [sojiro/yuki]
by afraidofsilence
Keywords: I have you [pepper/tony]
by circa_77
Keywords: power behind the throne [pepper/tony]
by toastandtea
Keywords: brave new world [pepper/tony]
by toastandtea
Keywords: five second kill [ge/yj]
created by rochelle
Keywords: I am deeply awesome.
by soaked
Keywords: Man I am good looking.
by soaked
Keywords: Shhhhh no talking now.
by soaked
Keywords: a moment [arthur/gwen]
by lillie_poo_pod
Keywords: I know what I'm doing [arthur]
by circa_77
Keywords: er what? [bones]
by queenfaithie
Keywords: I'm a doctor dammit
by schattengrafik
Keywords: Bones <3
by jude108
Keywords: a hero knows what to do [george kirk]
by awakencordy
Keywords: a friendship for the ages [spock&kirk]
by prism_perfect
Keywords: Uhura is not cool with this
by augustfalcon
Keywords: what a good looking bunch [ST]
by miihen
Keywords: something has gone terribly wrong[ST]
by dreadnought
Keywords: handsome devil [pike]
by dreadnought
Keywords: by your side [bones&kirk]
by greatbriton
Keywords: a hero in all situations[george kirk]
by x_gleema_x
Keywords: the sound of my awesomeness[kirk]
by soraki
Keywords: kirk is on a swing mofos [kirk]
art by beatonna
Keywords: you cannot even handle this [bones]
art by beatonna
Keywords: I assure you this is hilarious [spock]
art by beatonna
Keywords: it's a space station!
by iconomicon
Keywords: look at this gq mofo [pike]
by taraljc
Keywords: omg I love him [finn/rachel]
by whysosensitive
Keywords: GQMF: Bones
by pyooma
Keywords: GQMF: George Kirk
by pyooma
Keywords: GQMF: Uhura
by pyooma
Keywords: GQMF: Pike <3
by pyooma
Keywords: GQMF: Nu!Uhura
by pyooma
Keywords: the doctor and the nurse [bones/chapel]
by rei17
Keywords: tng is commie pinko liberal lies
by pyooma
Keywords: star trek women are awesome
by toastandtea
Keywords: chapel is awesome
by noelia_g
Keywords: Jaime is hot yo [asoiaf]
by juju_bean
Keywords: a promise [arthur/gwen]
by sophielou21
Keywords: a beginning [arthur/gwen]
by sophielou21
Keywords: unimpressed world [jeff/annie]
by lidi
Keywords: so wrong but so right [jeff/annie]
by lidi
Keywords: the greatest president
by iconomicon
Keywords: haters to the left [arthur/gwen]
by mancalahour
Keywords: just once [damon/elena]
Keywords: Sansa will fuck your shit up.
by bucky_barnes
Keywords: is that what you fear? [dany/jorah]
by bucky_barnes
Keywords: I'll always save you Kaidan [me]
by rebene-te-ra