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Keywords: talking bout my girl [Sohee]
☆彡 yeuxternes @ tumblr
Keywords: taking jjang to new heights. [백경]
☆彡 me (please don't take!)
Keywords: Khunyoung! ♥
They are clearly each other's lobsters. ☆彡 colony
Keywords: Woodong-like CL. Muscular Sandara Ok.
Park Minji. [2PM] ☆彡 me
☆彡 lovelustlight
Keywords: But perhaps I've said too much [Raptor]
☆彡 me
Keywords: Feels like this. [HP]
☆彡 lauracgraphics
Keywords: girrrrrl [Jinu]
☆彡 me
Keywords: Forever Wonder [WG]
☆彡 ??? (let me know)
Keywords: you come closer in my sight [WG]
Keywords: Can't take your eyes off me, right-i-iiight? [WG]
☆彡 icon me, gif ??? (let me know)
Keywords: their love is r.e.a.l. !!! [MiSo lol]
☆彡 me
Keywords: goodnight oakland. goodnight SF. gn, SJ.
☆彡 thishustle
Keywords: feel it baby feel it [WG]
☆彡 a_gal_icons
Keywords: Ugh. She's just. I mean. QUEEN [Lizzy]
☆彡 kashiyaek