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Keywords: Zayn Malik
ZAYN SINGING AT MY SHOW! :D Made by punkylana.
Keywords: Miley/Oliver, Moliver, Sad Hug, True Friends
Even though I love Lilly/Oliver, I like Miley/Oliver okay.
Keywords: First Kiss, In Love, Quinn/Logan, Quogan, Zoey 101
Keywords: A Kiss Waiting To Happen, Angry Love, Lilly/Oliver, Loliver, Mad
I don't remember who made this.
Keywords: Concerned, Jemi, Joe Jonas/Demi Lovato, Shane/Mitchie, Smitchie
Keywords: Spam2, Spencer/Sam2
Spencer pantsless? Sam liiikes... (Made by me.)
Keywords: Country Singers, Dream Come True, Jennette McCurdy/Taylor Swift, Tennette
Made by drosier.
Keywords: Happy Hug, Here You Go, Zack/Maddy, Zaddie
Keywords: Carly, Guitar, Miranda Cosgrove, Pretty
Made by _kiden.
Keywords: Best Friends, iCarly Trio, Lockers, Love Triangle, OT3
Made by mizufae.
Keywords: Sam, Well...
Made by devinmichelle21.
Keywords: bisexual, Freddie/Spencer, Frencer, Interview, Spencer
Made by me for Mizufae.
Keywords: Bible, Christianity, Love Never Fails, Religion
So true. :)
Keywords: Happy, Jennette McCurdy, Peace, Smile
Made by spiderlin.
Keywords: Kim Possible, Kim/Ron, Locker Kiss
Made by ushitora_icons.
Keywords: Evil Plan, Fight, Kigo2, Kim/Shego2, Scheme
Keywords: Look at the Facts, Sam/Freddie, Seddie, Sick
Made by _kiden.
Keywords: Air quotes, Angry, Carly Doesn't Approve, Carly2, Yeah Right
Made by fbnk_luv.
Keywords: Carly and Freddie2, Creddie2, Holding Hands, Irresistable
Made by maybecreddie.
Keywords: Funny, Lol, Sam/Spencer, Spam, Spencer and Sam
Made by starspinning.
Keywords: Kigo, Kim/Shego, Satisfied, Teacher and Student
Made by blossombunny.
Keywords: Cam, Carly/Sam, Confused2, Huh?, What?
Made by spunkyness.
Keywords: Carly and Freddie, Carly and Freddy love, Creddie, Jealousy
Made by spunkyness.
Keywords: Busy Bee, Lady Gaga, Talk To Me! :(, Twitter2
Original icon made by afterall89. I just added the hashtag.
Keywords: Barney Stinson, Fact
Made by stormofdesings.
Keywords: Afraid, Barney Stinson2, Embarrassed, How I Met Your Mother, Oops
Made by strikers_design.
Keywords: Awkward, Nervous, Sam2
"Wow, you can actually feel the awkward."
Keywords: Barney Stinson3, Confused, Scared, Shocked, What The Heck?!
Made by stormofdesings.
Keywords: David Burtka, Gay/Lesbian, Neil Patrick Harris, Neil/David
Made by me.
Keywords: Eye roll, Get Me Out Of Here, Oh Please, Sam/Freddie2, Seddie2
Made by girls_are_weird
Keywords: Glee, Sad, Tears
Made by totallygay81
Keywords: Miley Cyrus, Miley Stewart
Made by enchantedkiss_x
Keywords: Christmas, Zayn Malik3
Made by the flawless punkylana
Keywords: BrOTP, Marry Me, Now I Realize, Robin/Barney, Suddenly
Made by merryteninch from Tumblr with a little help from me.
Keywords: Carly/Shelby, Girlfriends, Sharly
Made by me.
Keywords: Party Time, Perfect, Sweater Dance, YES!, Zayn Malik2
Made by lascivity. Classic right here.
Keywords: Great Job, High Five, LiLo, Louis Tomlinson
Made by colorzplosion.
Keywords: Daydreaming, The Princess and the Frog
Keywords: Dinah Jane, no
Keywords: Eew, The Key Of Awesome
Keywords: MTE, MTE supremacy
Keywords: Britney Spears
Keywords: aha, Sassy, Zayn Malik4
Keywords: Demi Lovato
Keywords: Judging You2, okay then, You've Gotta Be Kidding, Zayn Malik5
Keywords: Smile2, Zayn Malik7
Keywords: Happy birthday
Happy b-day to jazoelmarden. I love you. <3
Keywords: Lupita Nyong'o
Keywords: Leigh-Anne
Keywords: Zouis
madeoflightning. 1D OTP <3
Keywords: Funny2, Kendrick Lamar2, Laugh, Lol2
Keywords: Kendrick Lamar
Made by fatcavill for me.
Keywords: Give Me A Break, Judging You, Laverne Cox, Orange Is The New Black
Keywords: Ronald Reagan Era, Zayn Malik6
We're far from good, not good from far. / My own creation.
Keywords: Normani Hamilton
Keywords: Lauren Jauregui
lyzame (and I reduced the colors a little)
Keywords: Ally Brooke, hello there
lyzame (and I reduced the colors a little)
Keywords: Ziam
fatcavill. Liam singing WMYB to Zayn was one of the best parts of the show. ;_;
Keywords: hairflip, Harry Styles, long hair don't care
Keywords: Dirty, Narry
summerstar18 (with slight color reduction from me)
Keywords: Narcoleptics, Sleepy, Zarry
Keywords: beep beep boop, Ziall
summerstar18 is the best
Keywords: Lirry
Keywords: Judging You3, Nouis