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Keywords: celeb. michael.rosenbaum » and they say
a hero could save us, i'm not gonna stand here and wait. |mine.| goodnightsong.
Keywords: prison break. michael.sara » what if
we could put our lives on hold and meet somewhere in the world. |mine.| tigre86.
Keywords: smallville. lex.lana » without you the
moon glows, the river flows, but i die without you. |mine.| goodnightsong.
Keywords: ga. george.izzie » you can have it
all if that's alright i will give it to you cause you never lied. « bambinainnero.
Keywords: satc. big.carrie » tell her nothing
if not this; all i want to do is kiss her. « brokenwingfairy.
Keywords: lost. charlie.claire » there now
steady love, so few come & don't go will you won't you be, the one I always know. « wunderkinddd.