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Keywords: VARF06
Keywords: Musketeer
Keywords: Firefox
Keywords: Onion 9/11/01
Keywords: Fireworks
Keywords: PGR Mission
Keywords: Gadsden
Keywords: CERT
Keywords: give-a-damn
Keywords: Darwin
From morbidimpishfae
Keywords: That OTHER Dexter
Keywords: 1-31-07
Swiped from Geekchick
Keywords: DisneyGras
Banned for Life from Disney
Keywords: CarpeScrotum
Grab life by...
Keywords: Car Trouble
Keywords: Wobble Trap
Keywords: MDRF
Keywords: Old-Time Religion, Pentagram
Keywords: Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
Keywords: Jacob
Keywords: Schlock Overkill
howardtayler is the artist and author of the text; agilebrit made the icon.
Keywords: FSM
Keywords: Spark
Keywords: gobamatse
swiped from paintank @ Arthur's Hall
Keywords: Bitter Gun Owner
Snagged from Dracphelan
Keywords: Same Difference
Keywords: What Would MacGyver Do?
Swiped from SKreidle
Keywords: Americondom
From Montuos, slightly tweaked
Keywords: 36Th Field Artillery
My old unit
Keywords: ErichArms
Keywords: PinkPistols
Keywords: NRA
Keywords: Chirurgeon
Keywords: MChirurgeon
Keywords: VCDL
Keywords: Baen
Keywords: Artillery
Snagged from FA School, Ft Sill
Keywords: Boy Scout, Lifer
Keywords: Spelling
Stolen from FeatherWizard
Keywords: BaconPox
Keywords: CETME
Keywords: Obamacare
Keywords: Second Amendment
Keywords: Henricus
Keywords: Cooking
Floating Archipelago Dessert
Keywords: VARFLogo
Keywords: Cat Snick
Grabbed by permission from SiliconShaman
Keywords: Hawkeye
Keywords: Hawk-n-Jake
Keywords: Guns, Starbucks
Grabbed with permission from Yasmeanie
Keywords: BotN, Team USA
Keywords: Sad Puppies