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Keywords: [DTMG] Spencer
icon by me
Keywords: [Recess] Gus writing
character (c) Disney
Keywords: [HTTYD] Toothless X3
made by me
Keywords: [HTTYD] Hiccup
made by me
Keywords: [HTTYD] Hiccup again
made by me
Keywords: [Courage] Frustrated blogger ;P
made by me
Keywords: [Inazuma Eleven] Toramaru's :P Face
made by me
Keywords: [Mother 3] Lucas
icon by me; art = http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=2830906
Keywords: [Wreck-it Ralph] Feeeelix~
Keywords: [Rise of the Guardians] Sandman
Keywords: [ParaNorman] Normaaaaaaan~
Keywords: [Wreck-it Ralph] moar Ralph
Keywords: [Rise of the Guardians] Jack Frost
Keywords: [DTMG] - Billy Joe Cobra
icon by me
Keywords: [Megaman]
icon by me