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Keywords: ♫ bway »sa »rilow
©12feethigh // i'm like a pussycat
Keywords: ❅got »renly »is he a ham?
©12feethigh // born amidst salt and smoke
Keywords: ≡spn »destiel »a profound bond
©fromperdition // i wasn't gonna mention it.
Keywords: ≡spn »sam »a monster in my head
©12feethigh // wearing a blue dress
Keywords: ❅got »theon »don't die
©tilty // too far from the sea
Keywords: α »stiles »what if it just
©orangelusik // gets worse?
Keywords: α »jackson »i am everyones
©willastyrell // type
Keywords: †soa »jax »i know what hate
©vetica // does to a man
Keywords: ❅got »davos/son »i can teach you
©biliki // how to read!
Keywords: ❅got »joffrey »i am the king
©rebel // everyone is mine to torment
Keywords: ☆animan »sailor moon »fangirling
©12feethigh // while saving the world