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About LiveJournal

The LiveJournal Story

LiveJournal.com, a blogging platform and online community built around personal journals, was started by Brad Fitzpatrick in April of 1999. It was begun simply as a fun project to entertain himself and some of his friends. As friends told friends, more people joined and it became a huge success. The platform soon grew to be bigger than a single person could easily handle.

As a result, LiveJournal soon began hiring their first employees. A team of volunteers also continued working with LiveJournal's original developer. This early team transformed LiveJournal.com from a college project into a two time Webby Award-winning site used by millions of people around the globe.

San Francisco blogging pioneer Six Apart bought LiveJournal's parent company, Danga Interactive, in 2005. Danga Interactive's founder, Brad Fitzpatrick, maintained links with the project, working as a staff-member at Six Apart into 2007.